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Home Brew: Make Your Coffee the Way You Like it

It’s one of the best smells to wake up to, and many people won’t start their day without it.

Coffee: a warm-me-up, pick-me-up, catch-me-up daily ritual for many.

If you prefer to stay in your pajamas, skip long lines and save some money, you’re in luck. There are more ways than ever to brew at home, and Best Buy can help.

We turned to appliance expert Bri Davis, a Pacific Home and Kitchen specialist in Richfield, Minnesota, to help determine which coffee-making style is appropriate for every at-home barista.

“It’s important to know how much coffee you typically consume,” Bri said. “If you’re going to sit down at breakfast and drink coffee, you’ll likely prefer a different brewing style than someone who is looking for a quick cup on the go.”

Here’s a quick guide to java-making at home.


This is the most popular way to make coffee. Drip makers work by pumping water up through a reservoir and seeping it through the coffee grounds. This method might seem old-school, but drip makers like Ninja are far from low-tech.

Bri’s coffee talk: Drip coffee makers are still dominant method of coffee preparation. They’re the best option for brewing multiple cups or have a specific preference in the strength of the brew.


A trendy method, single-serve makers are the second-most popular way to brew. These makers work by using single-serve beverage pods. They’re convenient for making a good, quick cup of coffee (or other beverages like tea and hot chocolate, too).

Products include Keurig and Touch, the latter has a 90-ounce water tank and can make coffee in eight sizes.  Some single-serve makers can also make large amounts.
Bri’s coffee talk: If you’re in an office, single-serve machines that use pods are a great way to go. Each individual has the ability to choose their own beverage – the options are endless!


No need to spend $5 (or more!) on an espresso drink anymore. It can take a tad more time and the machines can cost a bit more than drip coffee, but you can brew a high-quality latte or mocha at home.

Espresso makers work by forcing a small amount of water through tightly packed ground coffee. They make a small but intense cup with a rich, foamy crema on top.

Best Buy’s selection includes high-end espresso products like single-serve Nespresso and traditional-style DeLonghi. The Prodigio is Nespresso’s first Bluetooth connected machine with an app that controls capsule stock management and scheduled brewing.

Bri’s coffee talk: Although this option is more expensive, it produces a better tasting, high-end coffee. It also provides the widest variety of coffee and espresso beverages.

French Press

A simple, low-tech preparation option that is completely manual, but easy to use. The French press creates a rich cuppa joe for a low price.

This method involves steeping coarse grounds in boiling water for several minutes. We partnered with another Minnesota company — Caribou Coffee, the second largest company-operated U.S. chain of premium coffeehouses — to create a French press that’s made by our own Insignia team.

Bri’s coffee talk: Using a French press really captures the flavor by allowing the ground to steep giving it a flavor that a filter would take away. This method gives you the full saturation of the grounds, including the natural oils from the beans. The French press also provides a more consistent temperature, unlike other methods that heat up quickly and cool off just as fast.

Pour over

This simple method makes a rich, flavorful brew. It works by slowly pouring hot water over coffee grounds. It gives you a taste of all the complex layers coffee has to offer. It takes a little longer, but many swear by it.

Bri’s coffee talk: Both the French press and pour over methods are great for an individual who likes to enjoy the whole process/experience of making coffee.


Looking to learn more? Stop into your nearby store to get advice from an expert Best Buy Blue Shirt and check out the large variety of coffee and espresso-making products and accessories. Or read through Best Buy’s Coffee Maker Buying Guide.