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How Tech Can Help Fight Summer Brain Drain

Students anxiously await summer break. It’s a time to sleep in, hang out with friends and spend lazy days on the beach.

But, unfortunately, it also can undo some of the learning from the recent school year. In fact, many students will lose between one and three months of learning during the summer, according to the National Summer Learning Association.

The phenomenon is often called “brain drain.” But technology is one tool that can help fight it.

“Technology can make learning math and reading fun! Getting students to practice those skills is an important way to combat summer brain drain,” said Andrea Riehl, who helps manage Geek Squad Academy, a nationwide program that aims to keep students engaged year-round through hands-on tech activities.

Here are a few tips for beating brain drain this summer.


Keep it interesting

The best technology to support student learning is the one that combines his or her interests with learning and creating, Andrea said. For example, if your daughter likes music, something like the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube allows her to explore how sound works.


Get hands-on

Another big key to active summer learning is to make it hands-on. Keep those young minds curious while having fun.

Sphero robots and the Sphero Edu app are a great combination to teach students the basics of coding while seeing the results of their projects come to life on the robot,” Andrea said.


Take it outside

Learning can happen anywhere. Experiential learning is one of the most powerful ways for students to see real-world examples of the things they have learned in the classroom.

“Students can use mobile devices to take photos, log their adventures and share their experiences,” Andrea said. “Using digital media as a part of an active, engaged and restful summer is important for all youth.”


Attend Geek Squad Academy                                                                 

Consider Geek Squad Academy. The program offers students an opportunity to develop tech skills, build self-confidence, spark creativity and discover how technology can benefit them in their education and future careers.

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