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Best Buy Health introduces enhanced Lively plans to support seniors

Best Buy Health’s goal is to enable care at home by building on our strengths in three focal areas, one of which is aging at home. Through this work we are supporting an aging generation and their families with simple, human-supported solutions.  

Today, we’re unveiling the latest updates to our Lively plans, so we can better help seniors stay connected, safe and healthy. These new plans highlight the impactful services the Lively caring teams provide to our customers every day. These incredible individuals act as another support system to our customers as they age and live how they want.  

With the introduction of our Ask Lively service, which is available on all Lively plans from Basic to Premium, our kind and knowledgeable caring team is here for you day or night. Our Care Advisors are available to all Lively customers to listen and take whatever time it takes to fully understand their needs no matter how big or how small. They can walk you through how to send a text, share photos or even add names to contacts on your Jitterbug phone. They can look up and dial numbers for you or provide driving directions or the local weather. And with Lively Rides also available on all plans, anytime you need a ride, just dial “0” on your Jitterbug phone and they’ll schedule it with you.  

Overview of the new plans 

Every Lively plan comes with our kind and knowledgeable caring team who are here for you day or night. 

With a Jitterbug Smart or a Jitterbug Flip, the Basic plan ($19.99/month*) allows you to stay connected with access to our caring team. It includes Unlimited Talk and Text, Ask Lively and Lively Rides.  

Our Preferred and Premium plans take it up a notch, helping enable adults to thrive independently. The Preferred plan ($39.99/month*) is focused on keeping people safe in emergencies and giving caregivers peace of mind. In addition to all the features of the Basic plan, it includes Urgent Response and Lively Link.   

The Premium plan ($49.99/month*) includes all the features of the other packages, but also helps aging adults focus on health and wellness with access to Nurse On-Call and Care Advocate.  

If you have Lively Mobile Plus, the plans are structured a little differently, but with many of the same great services. The Basic plan ($24.99/month**) includes Ask Lively, Urgent Response and Lively Link. The Premium plan ($34.99/month**) includes Ask Lively, Urgent Response, Lively Link, Care Advocate and Nurse On-Call.  

The new plans provide options so customers can easily get the services that are right for them and their families.   

You can view a full overview of the plans, pricing and terms and conditions on the Lively website.   

Learn more about Lively services here

*The totals shown are costs for your monthly service only. They don’t include taxes and fees. 

**Prices shown do not reflect applicable taxes and fees.