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Married managers welcome baby girl into their Best Buy family

Like many people, Beverly and Ted Minda found themselves reflecting on their priorities amid the pandemic.

The Mindas — both general managers at Best Buy stores near Philadelphia — have been married since 2008 and had been trying for years to start a family. But they struggled with infertility and ended up putting their plans on hold as they got busy with their careers.

“We’ve wanted kids forever,” Beverly said. “When COVID happened, this moment hit us where everybody else was at home and talking about trying to balance kids and work. Teddy and I were sitting here, wishing we had something to balance.”

They decided it was time to try again. Late last year, they started fertility treatments with help from a Best Buy benefit that covered a significant portion of the costs.

On Sept. 21 at 12:26 p.m., Beverly and Ted welcomed a daughter, Matilda Louise, into their Best Buy family. She was 7 pounds, 3 ounces and 19 inches long.

“Miss Matty Lou is a very welcome presence,” Beverly said. “It’s a surreal experience.”

Beverly will be on parental leave with Matty Lou until January. And Ted will be home with them for the first four weeks, thanks to Best Buy’s paid caregiver leave benefit.

“That’s huge,” Beverly said. “I couldn’t imagine trying to do this myself.”

Shared excitement

The Mindas met in 2004 while working for another retailer. They didn’t work at the same store, but they hit it off while working together on the opening of another location. (Beverly actually worked for Ted’s dad.)

“Our first date we went to Six Flags,” Ted said. “We ended up being there from open to close and had such a great time.”

They’ve been together ever since.

Ted joined Best Buy in 2007 and helped recruit Beverly to the company four years later. They’ve both become general managers since then, with Beverly leading our store in Reading, Pennsylvania, and Ted in nearby Collegeville.

The arrival of Matty Lou has been exciting for their families — this is the first grandchild for all four grandparents — and their store teams. Beverly’s employees, for example, held a pool to guess the baby’s sex and birthdate.

And those store teams have stepped up to ensure to ensure Beverly and Ted are able to enjoy time with their daughter without worrying about work — even with the busy holiday season fast approaching.

“This is the worst timing ever, but at no point did anyone ever make us feel that way,” Beverly said. “They came together and made it so we didn’t have to feel that way. It was awesome.”

And Ted said he’ll have that much more to work for when he returns.

“It’s lifechanging,” Ted said. “I don’t go back for a couple more weeks, but when I do I know what I’m doing won’t just be because it’s my job but because I want to support and make sure Matty Lou is good. It’s a different mentality.”

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