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New tech makes it easy to smarten up your car

You’re connected to everything these days: Your phone, TV and even your refrigerator… but what about your car?

Car technology has been making headlines recently, and for good reason. There’s an ever-increasing number of new products out there that can help you stay connected, drive safer and stay entertained — all without shelling out an arm and a leg for that brand new ride.

According to IHS Automotive, the average car on the road is about 11.5 years old. While people are driving their vehicles longer than ever before, they don’t have to stay behind the times when it comes to in-car technology.
There are many easy ways to modernize your car. Check out these examples:

Some devices can monitor and diagnose your engine. They will even send notifications to your smartphone if, say, your check engine light comes on. There are even dash cams that warn you of potential collisions and give you a heads up if you don’t notice the red light up ahead.

Have a Bluetooth-enabled phone, but no way to play music in your car? There are options to add Bluetooth capabilities to your existing stereo system, so you can play your favorite songs via your mobile device.

You can install an in-dash touchscreen to integrate with your iPhone or Android phone for easy, hands-free access to apps, such as navigation and music, as well as calls and texts.

Even better, Best Buy not only sells this technology, but we install it, too. We’ve been doing so since the early 1990s. About 1,000 of our stores have an auto installation area.

On April 2, if you want to learn more about new car tech options, visit your local U.S. Best Buy store, and our expert Geek Squad Autotechs will walk through the latest gadgets and give free advice on how to update your vehicle based on your everyday needs.