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Nintendo Labo Takes Video Games Back to the Basics

Attention gamers: Nintendo has come out with a groundbreaking video game innovation. It’s (drumroll) …cardboard?

Yes, Nintendo Labo is taking gaming to the next level by encouraging good old-fashioned creativity and activity.

“It’s not the usual way to play video games or interact with your video game system,” says Blue Shirt Tomas Manning, a gaming expert in Little Rock, Arkansas. “It’s sort of blending the digital and physical. You’re actually holding something you just created.”

And they’re creations you made yourself from a cardboard kit.

Here’s how it works: You get one of the Nintendo Labo kits and follow the interactive instructions on your Nintendo Switch to make a Toy-Con creation — anything from a fishing rod to a piano to a robot. You can also invent your own creations.

Then just slide the Joy-Con controllers with the Labo and you’re ready to play. (Check out this video to see how it comes together.)

“You need to have the Nintendo Switch system, because that’s how you interact with the creations,” Tomas says. “For instance, with the fishing rod, it detects your motion and action of using a fishing reel and you can see everything on the Nintendo Switch screen as you try to catch fish. With the piano, you can make can play music and sound effects or even compose your own song. The whole idea is to get you thinking and moving and discovering how these creations come to life.”

Tomas reminds customers that they’re not just buying a box of cardboard – the game is also included with all the materials needed.

“The price is right in line with what you pay for a video game,” he says. “The cardboard just gets you started… I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s really a crazy, cool, interactive experience.”


Learn more about Nintendo Labo at BestBuy.com or stop by a local Best Buy store.