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Passion for New Tech Fuels Best Buy Ignite

From the moment he was born, James Trivizo had a front row seat to the tech industry. Both his parents were computer programmers who always brought the latest gadgets into the house.

He’s keeping up the family tradition now as the official Best Buy Ignite store expert in Mountain View, California. There, he shares his passion for technology with anyone who wanders into the store’s unique innovation area, which features hands-on access to the newest gadgets from start-ups and entrepreneurs.

“Customers have really been fascinated by our selection of new technology,” James said.

Best Buy has always been focused on providing a selection of the latest and greatest to customers. That’s why the company started the Ignite program. And you don’t have to live in Silicon Valley to experience it, either. Just check out the Ignite webpage to learn about and buy cutting-edge products.

“I think that Ignite really allows us to be able to show people the innovation that exists today and where technology is going,” James said.

Innovative products in one place

When people walk into a Best Buy, they expect to see TVs, laptops and mobile phones. Not necessarily something to sleep on.

“I think the bed really starts the conversation for customers,” said James.

He’s referring to the Eight Sleep Tracker, a bed sensor layer on display at his store that helps track weekly and monthly sleep data.

Other products featured at the store include:

  • Altered Nozzle, which fits over an existing faucet helping save water and energy
  • Bose Hearphones with the control to focus, amplify or reduce real-world sounds to the level you want
  • DXO One Camera that augments your phone, turning it into a high-powered camera. This is a “really cool piece of tech,” James said.
  • Oakley’s Radar Pace smart eyewear glasses, with a real-time, voice-activated coaching system embedded to track performance and help with training

Online, products range from outdoor projectors and big screen systems from Cinemood and Backyard Thetr that help you watch your favorite movies and TV shows in the elements to an electric go-kart by Actev Motors. You can also find portable air purifiers, electric commuter scooters, smart walkie talkies, and more.


To learn more about the Best Buy Ignite program and browse products, visit here.

If you’re an entrepreneur or start-up with an interesting tech solution, click here to learn how you can apply to potentially participate in our programs.