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Picture this: Picking the right camera for the right adventure

Warmer weather is ahead, so let’s spring into action and bring outdoor adventures to life!

Whether you want to show off or simply save memories, different cameras serve different purposes. We talked to Best Buy photo expert Roger Aldana of Denver to get his take on the latest camera and video equipment that will help capture moments for amateurs and pros alike.

On-the-go vlogger

What:  DJI Pocket Osmo 4K action camera

Who’s it for: People who want to venture into the video and video blogging lifestyle.

Why: “It’s pocket-sized and great for running around, walking downtown or filming in the car,” Roger said. “Its three-way stabilization also creates ridiculously smooth video for making memories with friends”


Hobby shutterbug

What: Canon G7X Mark II Video Creator Kit

Who’s it for: People who want versatile film or still footage.

Why: “The video camera adjusts well to any lighting and has a nice auto-focusing tool and point-and-shoot camera capability,” Roger said. “The manual settings also make it easy for users to experiment, learn and gain photo-shooting confidence.”


Experienced photographer

What: Nikon Z6 Full Frame camera

Who’s it for: The experienced photographer who never leaves the house without a camera in hand.

Why: “I would recommend this lightweight camera for anyone wanting to optimize landscape, portrait or astrophotography,” Roger said.


Well-rounded risktaker

What: DJI Mavic Air Fly Drone

Who’s it for: Those with an adventurous streak.

Why: “It helps capture unique angles that soar past eye-level views,” Roger said. “Its high-angle shots build multiple landscape perspectives. I recommend this type of camera for extreme sports enthusiasts, as it’s surprisingly durable and can follow subjects pretty fast.”


Nostalgic explorer

What: Polaroid OneStep 2

Who’s it for: Anyone who wants to simultaneously reminisce and create new memories.

Why: “It’s a novelty product that also has updated features, like Bluetooth and smartphone control, for anyone who wants to print and instantly showcase the pictures they take,” Roger said.



Go to bestbuy.com to learn more about cameras and accessories, or visit your local store. If you’re looking to improve your skills, check out select stores for photography workshops.