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Smartphone, Tablet, and More: Watch the NCAA Tournament On the Go

It’s nearly time to start dancing.

With the 2015 NCAA men’s basketball tournament just days ahead, Best Buy helps you enjoy the games whether you’re on the couch, at your local watering hole, at work or school or on the go. In fact, our own research confirmed that more than 20 percent of all March Madness fans intend to watch the tournament from multiple screens this year.

Check out the following can’t-fail game plan, and start by finding out how to make your TV a Smart TV with a this quick video.

Pick up the most baller apps out there

Twitter LogoIt’s true, you can watch all 67 games online.Twitter Logo

As for being on the go, March Madness Live is the mobile app. Nothing compares to this official app as it lets you watch every single game live no matter where you happen to be. Available in iOS, Android and Windows, download it now.

As for Twitter, Mashable’s spot on with listing the top 16 must-follow personalities. Keep in mind that @clubtrillion and @ESPNAndyKatz are going to be the premier accounts to stream onto your timeline.

Finally, the official NCAA handle on Twitter is worth perusing throughout the three-week journey.


Visit only the best bracket hosting websites

Yahoo!ESPN and CBSSports are the most popular online bracket hosts, giving you, your friends, your colleagues or classmates an easy way to identify the true college basketball savant.


Samsung RemoteYour smartphone could be your remote

The truth is, some of the most popular apps to turn your smartphone into a remote aren’t exactly cheap.

But with a Samsung smartphone in your hand, the Samsung TV Remote App is simple and free. Take a quick spin through this Samsung guide to see how you can make that happen.


Bring your tablet to work, watch on the sly

Seeing that the majority of the games on Thursday and Friday actually take place during your work day, you need a work around.Ipad Privacy Screen

So pick up a privacy screen to hide your lack of productivity.