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Some Best Buy Products Now Have Sustainable Packaging

At Best Buy, we want our customers to be excited about the latest tech. We also have a story to tell about the packaging those products come in. We’re excited to share that we’ve made some small but impactful changes to the packaging of our private label products so that it’s better for the environment.

Our Modal brand cellphone case packaging is now made 100 percent from bioplastics, a material that breaks down over time.

If a product is made from bioplastics, that means it has the same properties as plastic, but is made from plants and is biodegradable. Below are a few of the reasons why bioplastics are more sustainable than traditional plastic.


  • Save fossil fuels by using plants, a renewable resource.
  • Have a lower melting point temperature than traditional plastic, which translates into reduced carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.
  • Have the same resiliency as plastic but require less material. That means we use fewer resources for the same quality packaging
  • Can be composted and live another life.

Insignia, another Best Buy brand, has also made changes in its packaging. Insignia paperboard packaging now contains at least 30 percent recycled material for any package that doesn’t have corrugated cardboard. This packaging also has printed coatings that are water based, which ensures the packaging can be easily handled by your local recycling facility.

One of Best Buy’s commitments is to positively impact the world. Now some of our packaging is doing just that.

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