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Sustainable Tech: Rachio Smart Sprinkler Control System

April showers have dried up, the hot summer days are nearing and it’s time to start watering your lawn again.

Now you can add a fun gadget to your smart home with the Rachio sprinkler system. Rachio isn’t just smart, it’s sustainable too.

Setting it up is easy – in 30 minutes or less, replace your old controller and connect Rachio to your Wi-Fi system.

After you’ve connected the device to Wi-Fi, download the Rachio App, available for both iOS and Android, so you can adjust your sprinkler system from afar. Rachio can also connect to your other smart home devices, including the Amazon Echo voice assistant and Nest thermostat. In the Rachio App, make sure to add the details of your plant and soil types so it can determine the watering cycle that’s best for your lawn. Plus, it can manage up to 16 zones to cover bigger yards

By referencing hundreds of local weather stations for the latest rainfall data, the system operates based on the latest forecasts. That means it will never water your lawn in the rain. And it knows to skip watering when it’s too cold out.

Rachio also helps reduce runoff. Through its “Smart Cycle,” it breaks up the watering schedule into smaller periods to maximize soil absorption. That makes it harder for fertilizers and other chemicals to flow into nearby streams or lakes.

This sprinkler system is EPA WaterSense Certified, meaning it conserves up to 50 percent of outdoor water use. That translates into thousands of gallons of water per year, per household. This is especially relevant in parts of the United States where water scarcity is an issue.


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