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Sustainable Tech: Save Energy with Insignia’s Smart Plug

It’s lunch time and you’re at work, but you just realized you left your Clark Griswold-inspired holiday lights display turned on. Yikes! Your energy bill is going through the roof. Good thing you just bought an Insignia Wi-Fi Smart Plug and connected it to your lights.

With a couple of clicks on your phone, you can turn the display off. Energy crisis averted!

This new plug connects electronic devices to your home Wi-Fi network, giving you the power to control your devices from afar, helping to save energy and money. Here are a few other ideas for how to use the smart plug.

Set schedules for devices you use frequently

Instead of running your portable heater or fan all day, use the Insignia app to put your devices on schedules to turn them on only when you need them.

Set timers before bed 

Set a timer for the TV to turn off before you doze off, making sure you don’t waste any of that energy.

Wake up to your favorite things

Get out of bed as you breathe in the the smell of freshly brewed coffee, or to your sound system playing your favorite song. Use the smart plug to schedule the devices you like to use in the morning.


The Insignia Plug can be found at BestBuy.com and in Best Buy stores.

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