30 Sep: Best Buy helps employees grow their families with adoption, surrogacy benefits

The nursery that Keegan Shoutz and his husband, Paul Schroepfer, decorated sat empty for a year.

They had a crib, a changing table and a rocking chair — but no baby. Still, they were hopeful that the adoption journey they began in 2016 would lead them to the family they desperately wanted.

“I had a ton of great memories from my childhood, like camping and horseback riding. I just really wanted to create a new set of memories like this with my own family,” Paul said.


20 Aug: Best Buy rolls out new surrogacy benefit for employees

Best Buy is leading the way in supporting employees who want to grow their families.

We have long offered infertility and adoption assistance, and now employees will also be able to pursue parenthood through surrogacy with the help of a new benefit announced this week.

The Surrogacy Assistance benefit provides up to $14,080 in financial support to help cover expenses incurred by intended parents, including fees, screening costs and travel.

New parents through surrogacy also qualify for four weeks of Paid Caregiver Leave — another Best Buy employee benefit — in tandem with 12 weeks of time off granted under the Family and Medical Leave Act.


28 Feb: Best Buy rolls out paid time off for part-time employees

Zach Ward is a planner. The full-time college student and part-time Geek Squad Agent has to be to avoid any scheduling conflicts.

“I love my job and want to be here for my team, so I work really hard to balance that with my classes,” said Zach, who lives in Milwaukee. Still, sometimes he worries when homework and finals start to pile up. Thanks to Best Buy’s new paid time off (PTO) benefit for part-time employees, Zach can breathe easier.

Starting this month, part-time employees who have worked for the company for at least a year can receive up to 16 hours of paid time off a year.


08 Jan: Student in Georgia finds more than a job at Best Buy


By Gustavo Zamora

I was 20 years old when I quit the job that had promised me a promotion, changed my college major and started working for Best Buy.

Walking away from a guaranteed management position at a grocery store might sound puzzling, but there would have been a catch with that career move: The store’s leaders wanted me to quit school to show that I was loyal to the company. They didn’t understand why I was still in school if I could have a career there without having to pursue higher education.

Lanette Johnson and her son

17 Dec: Best Buy adds Backup Child Care for employees

Fresh off maternity leave, Lanette Johnson found herself in a bind one day last year.

It was going to be a big day at work, and she didn’t want to feel like she was letting her team down. But the new mom didn’t have anyone to watch 4-month-old Logan. Day care had pushed back his start date, and family members who had been pitching in to help were unavailable that day.

So, Lanette — a department manager at our Best Buy store in Arlington, Virginia — brought Logan along for what became an unofficial “bring your child to work” day.


21 Jun: Found at Best Buy: new career and a dream come true

Cheri Howard had it all. A beautiful family, boundless ambition and a great job with a Nebraska police department.

She thought she would retire as the department’s commander of front-end operations and see her kids off to college. But then a merger happened, and she lost her job of 26 years.

“It was debilitating, honestly,” she said. “For a while, I felt like a fish out of water. I did not have a clear path and wondered if I was going to be able to survive it.”