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14 Mar: Best Buy Joins 160+ Companies in Support of Equality Act

Best Buy has joined the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and more than 160 leading U.S. businesses to support the Equality Act, federal legislation that would add non-discrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people to U.S. civil rights laws.

Support for this legislation demonstrates our commitment to non-discrimination and determination to foster a diverse and inclusive environment for employees and customers. And, consistent with Best Buy’s value to “unleash the power of our people,” we believe that people thrive when they are treated with fairness and respect and can be themselves.

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12 Apr: Q&A: Meet One of Best Buy’s Recycling Partners

Best Buy customers love upgrading their electronics and appliances to keep up with the latest technology. But that also means getting rid of the old stuff.

California-based Electronic Recyclers International (ERI) has been one of Best Buy’s trusted recycling partners for nearly a decade. It handles millions of old products our customers bring in. We sat down with ERI Executive Chairman John Shegerian to get his thoughts on a service industry that didn’t exist just 15 years ago.

What is ERI’s partnership with Best Buy?

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07 Mar: Best Buy is Bringing Home the (Sustainability) Hardware

It’s not just actors and athletes bringing home trophies and medals this season. Companies are being lauded for their sustainability performance, as well.

At Best Buy, sustainability has been a longtime focus. Even during our business transformation, we never wavered on our commitment to invest in programs that reduce our environmental impacts and help our customers live more sustainably.

We are thrilled to have been recognized recently by three highly respected organizations for our sustainability efforts:

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11 Dec: Best Buy is Top Retailer in Newsweek’s U.S. Green Rankings

Best Buy has landed at No. 6 on Newsweek’s 2017 Green Rankings list of the 500 largest publicly traded U.S. companies.

Up 21 spots from last year, Best Buy is the top-ranked retailer.  

The Newsweek Green Rankings represent the companies that are generating the most revenue with the least amount of environmental impact. Corporate Knights, in partnership with Newsweek, analyzes eight main factors, including carbon, energy, water, waste and the extent to which internal governance is geared toward sustainability.

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21 Jun: Best Buy Releases Latest Sustainability Report; Exceeds Carbon Goal

Today Best Buy released its fiscal year 2017 Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report. What’s the big news? We set out to reduce our carbon emissions 45 percent by 2020 (over a 2009 baseline) and, at the end of 2016, we reached nearly 47 percent.

We are committed to addressing climate change. But that’s not all.

At Best Buy, we are focusing our efforts to positively impact the world in three areas: our communities, our environment and our people. It’s the work we call Best Buy for Good.

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25 May: Best Buy Supports Collective Efforts to Combat Climate Change

Climate change is a global issue that will only be solved through collective efforts. Best Buy is focused on reducing our own carbon impact, and helping our customers use less energy as well. Here are some of the ways we contribute to this effort:

  • We are on track to exceed our science-based goal of reducing our carbon emissions 45 percent by 2020 (over a 2009 baseline).
    • We optimize our store energy usage by automating the lighting, heating and air conditioning.
    • We transitioned our Geek Squad car fleet to the hybrid Toyota Prius c, reducing fuel usage.