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22 Mar: Picture this: Picking the right camera for the right adventure

Warmer weather is ahead, so let’s spring into action and bring outdoor adventures to life!

Whether you want to show off or simply save memories, different cameras serve different purposes. We talked to Best Buy photo expert Roger Aldana of Denver to get his take on the latest camera and video equipment that will help capture moments for amateurs and pros alike.

On-the-go vlogger

What:  DJI Pocket Osmo 4K action camera

Who’s it for: People who want to venture into the video and video blogging lifestyle.

Best Buy - holiday gatherings

17 Nov: How to Get Great Photos at Your Holiday Gatherings

Holiday gatherings are right around the corner.

And whether you attend one or 21 holiday gatherings, you’ll want to take pictures that capture the moments you wish you could relive over and over. The perfect family shots. The expressions on your kids’ faces. Close-ups of holiday decorations.  

We talked to Grant Foreman from the Camera Experience Shop at our Best Buy store in Jacksonville, Florida, to get a few holiday photo tips.

Group shots

The holidays provide a rare opportunity to get photos of your extended family members or far-flung friends.

Best Buy - eclipse

15 Aug: 3 Things to Know for Solar Eclipse Viewing Safety, Photography

There hasn’t been a coast-to-coast solar eclipse in the United States since 1918, so millions of Americans are anxious to observe this rare phenomenon firsthand next week. And many of them will have their cameras ready to capture the moment so they can relive it again and again.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and Earth, blocking all or part of the sun. On Aug. 21, all of North America will experience a partial solar eclipse that will last two to three hours.


02 Jun: A Top Sports Photographer’s Tips for Great Action Shots

The summer sports season is kicking into high gear, and many proud parents will pull out their camera gear in hopes of capturing their child’s big hit or game-winning goal. Unfortunately, many will just end up with a bunch of blurry images.

So we turned to veteran sports photographer Nick Didlick for some advice on shooting youth sports. The Vancouver, B.C.-based pro has covered 10 Olympics, five Super Bowls, seven Stanley Cup Finals and various other high-profile sporting events over the past 40 years.

Best Buy - graduation

28 Apr: Tips for Taking the Graduation Pictures You Want

There are a few defining moments in a person’s life, and graduation is one of them.

It’s a time for ceremony, celebrating accomplishments and dreaming about the future. It’s also a perfect time to break out your camera to capture the special moments.

Photos provide lasting memories, so we asked Philip Wright — a Sony expert from Best Buy Store 450 in Portland, Oregon — to share tips on how to capture great graduation day shots. The big three moments you don’t want to miss?