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19 Nov: ‘I never thought I’d be a dad’: One family’s parenthood journey

Editor’s note: This story discusses miscarriage and fertility struggles.

It’s estimated that about 140,000 children are adopted by American families each year. In August, Best Buy employee Mike Mamula and his wife, Shay, became one of those families with the adoption of their first child, Bodhi.

“In a million years, I never thought I’d be a dad,” Mike said. “I thought I was going to end up being the fun uncle to all my best friends’ kids.”

For Mike and Shay, the road to parenthood was a long one.


23 Jul: Best Buy named one of Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion

Best Buy has earned a perfect score of 100% on the Disability Equality Index (DEI), ranking among the leading companies on the list of Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion for the seventh year in a row.

The DEI is a benchmarking tool used by Fortune 1000 companies to better understand how they can achieve disability inclusion and equality.  The index measures culture and leadership, companywide access, community engagement, supplier diversity, recruitment, benefits, and employee retention and advancement.

More than 61 million adults in the U.S.


17 Jun: ‘Presence over perfection’: A first-time father enjoys time with his newborn son

When Chase Christman, welcomed his first child, Grayson Thomas, on May 12, he remembered the advice one of his Best Buy colleagues gave him about fatherhood: Presence over perfection.

“That’s something I’m really going to hang on to,” said Chase, the director at our delivery distribution center in Flower Mound, Texas. “I’m going to make mistakes. I’m going to do things wrong. But I want to make sure I’m present and supporting him or guiding him through whatever.”

Chase implemented this advice the moment Grayson arrived.


28 May: How Best Buy is investing in our employees’ mental health

Best Buy has long focused on providing mental health resources to support our employees, and those efforts have only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the past year, we have increased our investment in this area by introducing new benefits and expanding existing ones. It’s a big commitment for us year-round, not just during Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

Mental health is an integral piece of our focus on our employees’ overall well-being — physical, mental, financial and work/life — as we work toward our goal of being one of the best employers in the U.S.


06 Apr: Over 25 years, Best Buy career has provided her more than a paycheck

As Vicki Brown, home services senior manager, reflects on 25 years and counting with Best Buy, one word stands out to sum up her experience: possibilities.

In 1994, Vicki found herself making a career pivot. After years of living in the Bahamas and running a small hotel, she and her husband decided they wanted their children to attend school in the U.S.

So, Vicki took the plunge and moved with her three children to Florida, while her husband remained in the Bahamas to manage the hotel.


30 Oct: Employees Get Paid Time Off to Work at the Polls

This year, for the first time, Best Buy is giving our employees paid time off so they can volunteer at official polling stations across the country on Election Day. 

It’s part of our broader commitment to support all employees however they choose to participate in the day, whether that is through voting or volunteering to have their voices heard. We’ve also announced that our stores won’t open until noon local time to ensure employees can exercise their right to vote, if they choose.


04 Aug: New Dad Finds Support At Best Buy

When Jacob Carroll took a seasonal job in asset protection right out of high school, he didn’t think he’d be at Best Buy 10 years later.

He’s worked in asset protection, warehouse roles, the home theater department, Geek Squad and as a market trainer, traveling to 27 states along the way. Now he’s back home in Monroe, Louisiana, working as an in-home design manager.

“I bleed blue. That’s for sure,” he said.

Through the years, Jacob has grown professionally — and he’s grown his family, too.


05 Jun: Best Buy employee earns 2 degrees thanks to education partnership

After graduating from high school, Dan Smith headed off to college with every intention of finishing his degree while working a part-time job at Best Buy. But soon that part-time job became something more.

“I enjoyed what I was doing at Best Buy, and I started getting the opportunity to take on more responsibility,” he says. “Getting promoted was great, but it made balancing work and school very challenging. I started thinking I’d just take a semester off, but that one semester turned into about 10 years.”


14 May: Best Buy increases mental health resources to help employees

Warning: This post discusses depression and suicide.


Ric knew something was wrong when everything he used to love—like playing his guitar, listening to music and watching movies—started to feel off. Nothing clicked for him anymore. He felt stuck and was considering suicide.

“I had planned out different ways of doing it. I just wasn’t happy. I just felt like I wasn’t needed,” said Ric, a longtime Best Buy employee.

Thankfully, as his depression became unbearable, Ric reached out to his wife and she got him some help.


10 May: Mother’s Day blessings, thanks to Best Buy benefit

When Kate Hobbins was a little girl and people asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she’d tell them, “I want to be a regular mom.”

She laughs about it now — and this Mother’s Day, she’ll laugh even harder with 4-year-old daughter, Emilia, and 4-month-old son, Robert, in her arms. That’s because this year, with some help from Best Buy’s newly enhanced adoption-assistance program, she’s finally that “regular mom” she almost didn’t get to be.

“Sometimes I’ll text my husband that I just can’t believe that I can add the ‘s’ at the end of kid,” Kate said.