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28 Oct: Sustainable Tech: Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs Just Got Smarter

ENERGY STAR® is the most recognized symbol for energy efficiency. And at Best Buy, we sell a lot of ENERGY STAR certified products – TVs, computers, kitchen appliances and even sound bars. We are thrilled to add Philips Hue connected LED light bulbs to that list. They are the first connected light bulbs to earn the mark for superior energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR means saving energy and saving money on utility bills. Smart, right?

So, why is it better for a connected light bulb to be ENERGY STAR certified?


12 Oct: Three Things You Didn’t Know About ENERGY STAR®

Happy Energy Awareness Month! To celebrate, we’re highlighting ENERGY STAR certified products at Best Buy and giving you tips on how to save energy at home.

You know to look for the ENERGY STAR mark when shopping for appliances and electronics, but do you know how much energy certified products can actually save? Check out a few things you might not know about ENERGY STAR.

  • A standard clothes washer that’s older than 10 years costs around $180 to run every year.
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26 Aug: Energy Savings: Better Than Bacon on a Stick

‘Tis the season for corn on the cob, deep-fried nachos and bacon on a stick. That’s right, it’s time for the Great Minnesota Get Together (AKA the Minnesota State Fair), and Best Buy will be part of the action in our hometown market.

We’re showcasing an ENERGY STAR® refrigerator, dishwasher and laundry pair in the Eco Experience Building within a mock-up kitchen designed by Natural Built Homes.

The Eco Experience is a one-of-a-kind educational exhibit filled with hands-on activities, demonstrations and resources. 

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26 Aug: Insignia Fridge Named ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient

Best Buy is committed to helping our customers live more sustainable lives – reducing their carbon footprint and saving money on their utility bills. But we don’t just sell sustainable products, we manufacture them too. For the first time, one of our private-label products (we call Exclusive Brands) was named an ENERGY STAR Most Efficient product for 2016. It’s our new full-size Insignia refrigerator.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this distinction from ENERGY STAR highlights products that deliver cutting edge energy efficiency, along with the latest in technological innovation.

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19 Jul: Sustainable Tech: Saving Money and Staying Cool with Air Conditioners

It’s summer, and it’s sizzling hot outside. After a long day at work, many of us just want to kick back at home, feeling the chill from our air conditioners.

But how do you make that happen?

You could go the traditional route and blast your air conditioner all day, wasting money, energy and cool air on an empty home. OR, you could opt for an energy efficient air conditioner that helps you save money and live more sustainably (and you won’t be sacrificing quality).

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06 May: Don’t Flip Out, Flip Your Fridge!

Is your fridge old enough to drive? If so, it might be time to flip your fridge and replace that energy-hogging refrigerator with a new ENERGY STAR® certified model.

Supporting the EPA’s ENERGY STAR “Flip Your Fridge” 2016 promotion, the Rachael Ray Show awarded seven viewers with LG’s new Black Stainless Steel ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator.  Best Buy will provide the new fridges and Best Buy’s Geek Squad will hook them up.

The Flip Your Fridge effort, which runs through Memorial Day, is being promoted across the country.

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26 Apr: Ease Up on Electricity Use With These 6 Tips

Whether you rent or own, making small adjustments to the way you use electricity in your home can help you save energy and money.

Check out these easy tips:

  • Change your lightbulbs to LED. They last longer and use up to 85 percent less energy than a standard incandescent bulb. The LED bulb becomes part of the family, lasting for up to 20 years — don’t forget to take that long-lasting, energy-efficient bulb with you the next time you move. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, check out the Philips Hue starter kit to learn more about LEDs that allow you to change colors and control the lights from your smartphone or tablet.

29 Mar: ENERGY STAR® Honors Best Buy Again, and Here’s Why

Best Buy Blue Shirt Jose Florentino is an expert at finding ways to help our customers use new appliances to save money and energy. He is one of the many reasons why this week we were named an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year for the third time and earned the distinction of Sustained Excellence by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

An appliance expert at our Millenia Mall store in Orlando, Fla., Jose is a problem solver. When customers come in to look at products, he quizzes them about what they need and want.

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08 Mar: It’s Getting Hot in Here: How Rising Temperatures Affect Best Buy

February was hot, hot, hot. In fact, it was the hottest recorded month in history, according to newly released data. That news follows NASA’s announcement that 2015 was the hottest year ever.

Why does this matter to Best Buy? To start, rising temps lead to rising energy costs. And as temperatures rise, there’s more extreme weather, such as floods, droughts and hurricanes. These events affect our employees, customers and the environment. In 2015, extreme weather impacted nearly half of our locations – forcing closures and, in some cases, damaging merchandise.

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19 Oct: Our Renewed Commitment to Act on Climate Change

Today we are proud that Best Buy is joining other leading U.S. companies in signing the American Business Act Pledge on Climate Change.

This is an historic moment for Best Buy. In our pledge, we committed to further advancing our efforts toward addressing this global challenge. Here’s what we said:

  • We will reduce our own carbon emissions by 45 percent by 2020 from operational reductions and renewable sourcing. This science-based goal builds on our 2014 achievement of a 26 percent reduction in carbon emissions within our operations.
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01 Oct: 5 Easy Ways to Save Energy at Home

We’re celebrating Energy Awareness Month here at Best Buy. Not only is saving energy good for the environment, it’s also good for your pocketbook. Here are five small things you can do to save energy and money in your home:

  1. Change your lightbulbs to LED. They last longer (20 years!) and use up to 85 percent less energy than a standard incandescent bulb.
  2. Replace that old fridge with an ENERGY STAR® certified one. You’ll be surprised how much energy you can save.

28 May: Best Buy’s Carbon-Reduction Efforts Commended by U.S. Department of Energy

Best Buy’s five-year-long drive to reduce its carbon footprint by at least 20 percent by 2020 was recognized as an unparalleled retailer achievement at U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) White House ceremonies in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday night.

The reduction is part of the company’s effort to address climate change.

Thanks to a combination of an industry-leading energy management system, store lighting retrofit and improved fleet and distribution practices, Best Buy was commended for exceeding its goal and reducing emissions by 26 percent since 2010.