29 May: Send your grads off to new places with the right tech

Congratulations, they made it! It’s that time of year when accomplishment fills the air, calling out for new beginnings and unforeseen adventures. But what do recent graduates really need in hand as they take on the next phase of life?

Best Buy is here with a top-tech wish list perfect for grads and to help make sure all gifted devices will continue to set them up for long-term success in various aspects of life. Here are some options.

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It’s time to feel inspired.


06 Jun: Here’s How to Pick the Perfect Laptop for Grads

For graduation season, there’s nothing that says “Yay, you did it!” quite like a new laptop. Not all high school grads wait until they are shipping off to campus to get their college computer.

Getting your laptop at the beginning of summer means more time getting acquainted with your new study-buddy (and procrastination-buddy). You know what they say: College is all about working hard … and playing hard too.

We chatted with Best Buy Blue Shirt and computer expert Jamie Orr from Brentwood, Tennessee, for advice on choosing the perfect laptop for grads.

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20 May: Grads Make Top Gift Picks, and Caffeine is No. 1

This year, an estimated 3.3 million seniors will graduate from high school, and many will head to college come fall. Odds are pretty good that you’ll be making the rounds of grad parties with gift in hand sometime soon.

Americans spent nearly $4.8 billion on graduation gifts in 2015, with the average present costing $100 or more. No doubt you’ll want to give that special grad something he or she will appreciate and put to good use.

But what?

To help you, Best Buy went straight to the source, asking more than 500 high school grads what they want and what they’ll use these gifts for.