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20 Jul: Best Buy expands offering for customers with hearing loss

Best Buy is expanding its existing hearing device experience, making it more convenient than ever for the millions of Americans with mild to moderate hearing loss to get the products and support they need. An additional 200 stores will have the in-store hearing experience this summer, with an additional 100 added in the fall, bringing the total number of stores carrying hearing devices to over 600. We’re also adding a selection of new hearing aid sets in store and online, expanding the number of brands we offer our customers overall. 

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20 May: Best Buy has the tools you need for Blood Pressure Education Month

May 1 marked the start of High Blood Pressure Education Month. Under American Heart Association guidelines, nearly half of U.S. adults have high blood pressure and 75% of those with high blood pressure do not have it controlled.

Self-monitoring at home is a great way to manage your blood pressure, whether you have been diagnosed with hypertension or are just looking to keep tabs on your health. Home monitoring allows you to check your blood pressure in a familiar setting, make certain your medication is working and alert you and your doctor to potential health complications.

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06 May: Best Buy expands health, outdoor living, and transportation categories

Earlier this year, we said we’d be expanding and launching new product categories that solve your needs. Today, we’re excited to share some updates on a few different collections you will soon see in select Best Buy stores and on  

Health and wellness 

Technology’s role in the health and wellness industry has grown quickly over the past few years, ranging from products that help monitor blood pressure to innovative skin care devices.  

On that note, nearly 300 Best Buy stores (and


12 Oct: Best Buy to acquire Current Health to help make home the center of health

Best Buy has signed an agreement to acquire Current Health, a leading care-at-home technology platform that brings together remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and patient engagement into a single solution for healthcare organizations. 

Bringing quality healthcare into the home has become an increasingly important part of the healthcare system, often allowing patients better access and quality of life while helping to reduce costs. This trend has accelerated the reliance on the consumer-friendly technology that Best Buy offers, allowing the company to play an even more crucial role in bringing virtual care to life.

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27 Feb: GreatCall Introduces New Lively App and Lively Wearable2

Just this week, Best Buy and GreatCall announced the launch of its new Lively App and Lively Wearable2 medical alert device.

The Lively App and Lively Wearable2 pair together — when used with a smartphone — to keep aging adults safer and more independent. The technology gives them access to agents 24/7 who can provide immediate responses and dispatch emergency personnel when pressing a button or detecting a fall.

Lively Wearable2

The Lively Wearable2 is more than just an emergency call button for aging adults.


03 Oct: Best Buy Appoints Cindy Kent to Board of Directors

Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY) today announced that Cindy Kent, a seasoned health care executive, has been appointed to its Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Kent most recently served as president and general manager of the Infection Prevention Division at 3M Co., a global science company that manufactures and markets products and services across a range of industries.

Kent has more than 25 years of experience across a variety of roles and segments of the health care industry. Prior to joining 3M in 2013, she worked at medical device maker Medtronic Inc.

19 Feb: 4 Tips to Keep Your Phone Germ-Free as Possible

Flu season is overstaying its welcome this winter, and the CDC can prove it.

Your mobile phone, that thing that’s probably attached to your hand most of the day, is a magnet for germs, and we’ve been getting questions from customers on the best way to keep it clean.

Our Geek Squad Agents have answers. See what they say to four frequently asked questions about mobile device hygiene.


1. What’s the safest way to disinfect (clean and kill germs) most mobile phones?

16 Sep: Best Buy Welcomes Two New Wearables

Forecasters claim the wearables market will climb from $2.5 billion last year to $12.6 billion in 2018.

That’s in part thanks to activity trackers like Fitbit Flex and Jawbone Up – and to the folks who not only wear them at the gym, but while waiting in line at the grocery store.

Now two of the latest and greatest health and fitness devices join the wearables family at Best Buy — the Garmin vívosmart and the Misfit Flash.  Here’s the lowdown:

The Garmin vívosmart is an activity tracker with a few smartwatch-like notification features as an added bonus.