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08 Sep: Sports Are Back! How To Create The Perfect Viewing Setup At Home

After months of anticipation, the wait is finally over to see your favorite team score a touchdown, nail a 3-pointer or smack a homer.

While getting together with friends or heading to the stadium on game day may be on hold for a while, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the viewing experience and bring the game home. Most of us are spending more hours at home than ever before, which makes this the perfect time to invest in your space and treat yourself to an upgraded entertainment setup.


22 Apr: Virtual In-Home Consultations Offer Help When You Need It

Having the right tech at home is more important than ever before. To help, Best Buy is now offering free virtual in-home consultations to meet your essential technology needs.

Instead of visiting customers’ homes like they normally would, our In-Home Advisors are providing consultations by chat, phone and video. They’re specially trained whole-home experts who can help with anything from setting up a home office to updating a home Wi-Fi network.

Virtual in-home consultations are easy to set up. On


13 Apr: How To Enhance Your Home Office For The Short (Or Long) Term

The home office has gone from a luxury to a necessity in the span of just a few short weeks.

That’s because millions of Americans are now forced to work from home full time amid the COVID-19 crisis. With local stay-at-home orders likely to last for weeks to come, now is a great time to upgrade your makeshift workspace into a suitable home office for the long haul.

To learn how to do that, we talked to Jade Sills, a Best Buy In-Home Advisor in Detroit.


10 Apr: Live Healthier At Home, With Tech

With millions of Americans finding themselves doing nearly everything under the same roof because of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s become more important than ever to find ways to maintain our health and wellness from the comfort of home.

Best Buy In-Home Advisor Michael Clark is just the guy to help show us how technology can help us not just survive, but thrive. He has visited upward of 3,000 homes over the past six years to help people understand how technology can enhance their lives.


30 Oct: In-Home Advisor becomes lighting DJ at Halloween party

When Wendy and Paul Smith visited their local Best Buy store in Houston to learn about smart home technology, they weren’t expecting it to result in a decked-out Halloween party complete with smart lighting, speakers and more.

“I really wanted to be able to control things from an app,” Wendy said. “My No. 1 thing: I wanted to be able to put lights on a timer.”

At the store, they were told about our In-Home Consultation service and made an appointment with In-Home Advisor Angelica Fonseca to learn more about creating a smart home.

Jack & Lorene_1

13 Feb: Lights, camera, love: Couple’s cherished tradition continues [VIDEO]

Jack and Lorene have been married for nearly 60 years.

She wasn’t impressed when she was first introduced to him. He was too quiet, she thought, not a match for her chatterbox personality. He thought she was perfect. Love’s surprising that way.

Together they built a family, traditions and a business. Through it all, they loved watching movies — just the two of them.

Then Jack suffered an aneurysm.

He recovered, but short-term memory and hearing loss remained. The technology in their home became hard for him to use and enjoy.

In-Home Advisor Fermin Saldana

26 Nov: A smart home expert (and owner) gives tips on getting started

Fermin Saldana knows a thing or two about how to turn a house into a bona fide smart home.

He’s an In-Home Advisor for Best Buy in San Antonio, where he visits customers’ homes every day to give them free consultations on tech products and services. But he doesn’t just talk about the gadgets, he lives with them, too. Fermin has a smart thermostat, smart lights and voice assistants throughout his house.

When it comes to smart home devices, there are great options at a variety of price points.

Best Buy - In-Home Advisor

11 Dec: In-Home Advisor Program Brings Best Buy Experts to You

For more than 50 years, Best Buy has been providing expert advice to help you with all your tech needs. Now, we’re going a step further by bringing personal consultation services into your home with the In-Home Advisor program.

The recently launched service provides a Best Buy expert to suggest products and services to help you accomplish your goals. The project size or scope doesn’t matter.

So whether you want a new home theater setup, updated kitchen appliances or an enhanced home Wi-Fi network, the advisor will customize it to your home.

Best Buy - solutions

10 Nov: Best Buy Tech Experts Offer Smart Solutions in ‘Designing Spaces’ episode

When Lifetime Network needed an authority in smart home technology, who did they call? Best Buy of course.

And we responded enthusiastically. Our In-Home Advisor and Geek Squad services were profiled today in a new episode of Designing Spaces, the home improvement show that refreshes and redesigns living spaces across the country.

The segment features the Sutton family, whose South Florida home needed tech TLC in the form of smart home devices, services and solutions.  Best Buy In-Home Advisor Jeremiah Goldsmith and Geek Squad Double Agent Alex Pupo were there to help.