28 May: See how Best Buy is supporting the LGBTQIA+ community

As Best Buy celebrates Pride month this year, we also recognize the challenges and continued attacks the LGBTQIA+ community has faced over the past year — especially transgender and gender non-conforming people.

We’re committed to creating an inclusive culture, both inside our company and beyond. We’ve achieved a 100% rating on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)’s Corporate Equality Index for 16 years in a row, earning the distinction of being a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality.

We’ve also joined with HRC and hundreds of companies and organizations to support the Equality Act.


28 May: Teens showcase Pride through partnership between PopSockets, Best Buy

Four teens from Best Buy’s Teen Tech Centers across the country recently had the opportunity to express themselves and support the LGBTQIA+ community by designing their own PopSockets PopGrips.

The teens participated in a program in partnership between Best Buy Teen Tech Centers and PopSockets to design smartphone grips that will be sold online at beginning in June as part of our celebration of Pride month.

The teens were commissioned and compensated through PopSockets’ standard procedures for freelance designers and had the chance to follow along in the process to see their design evolve from an idea to a product sold by Best Buy.

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28 May: Best Buy employees reflect on what Pride means to them

The LGBTQIA+ community is full of powerful stories, and for Pride month this year we’re celebrating stories of finding your place, taking up space and choosing your family.

This takes on added significance this year, as we recognize the challenges the LGBTQIA+ community is facing. That includes a rise in violence against transgender and gender non-conforming people.

We asked LGBTQIA+ employees from across the company what Pride means to them.

How do you celebrate Pride month?

  • Claire D. (She/Her): “Pride Month, for me, is a time to reflect.

11 Oct: ‘We Are Out And Proud’: Recognizing National Coming Out Day

Oct. 11 is the 32nd anniversary of National Coming Out Day, celebrating when lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQIA+) people acknowledge their identity to friends, family, coworkers and others in their life.

Coming out is different for everyone. It can bring relief and liberation, but it’s important to recognize that, for many LGBTQIA+ people, it isn’t easy. And some might not be able to come out because their safety, relationships and more are at risk.  

At Best Buy, we are proud to stand up for equality for our LGBTQIA+ employees, customers and communities.


21 May: For One Transgender Employee, A Culture Of Care Makes All The Difference

When Jack Dixon was ready to share his big news with his Geek Squad co-workers, he wasn’t sure what kind of reaction he would get.

With a childhood photo of Jack holding a baby doll in one hand and a pellet gun in the other as the backdrop, his manager made the announcement: Jack had made the courageous decision to transition from female to male.

The room erupted in applause.

Jack grew up in a home where he was expected to wear dresses on Sundays.


21 May: For Pride, A History Worth Sharing

Gay history is American history. That’s the premise of “Our Gay History in 50 States,” a book that Best Buy was the first to sponsor.

The book, which came out last summer, acts as a travel guide through each state and its LGBTQIA+ history and was written with the help of diverse LGBTQIA+ youth and teens from across the country. Author Zaylore Stout empowered young people to participate in the research, providing a unique opportunity to learn about their history and amplify their voices.


21 May: Why Best Buy Is A Great Place To Work For LGBTQIA+ Equality

At Best Buy, we aim to create an inclusive culture where everyone feels welcome and accepted, and not just during Pride Month in June. It’s a year-round commitment.

Our efforts to raise awareness and support for LGBTQIA+ employees and people in the communities we serve has not gone unnoticed. For the 15th year, we scored 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index.

Earning this distinction makes us a “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality.” The index benchmarks and reports on how companies are helping to achieve workplace equality for LGBTQIA+ employees.