11 Nov: From Bronze Star to Best Buy blue, this Army veteran gives ‘maximum effort’

From an early age, Heath Garcia knew he wanted to serve his country.

It started during visits to his mom’s family in Missouri. His grandfather and his seven brothers had all been in the military, serving in World War II and Korea.

“I was fascinated by the stories he told and in awe of what my grandfather used to do,” Heath said. “I wanted to carry on that tradition.”

He joined the Army at 19 years old and served for seven years.


09 Nov: Military Veterans Bring Unique Experiences to Best Buy

While service to their country is the common ground veterans share, their diverse backgrounds and personal journeys all stand uniquely apart — and that’s especially true when they reintegrate into the civilian workforce.

At Best Buy, we embrace the skills and perspectives veterans bring. Their impact can be found at every level of our company, and we’re committed to providing resources to support them and help them grow in their careers.

For Veterans Day, we’re highlighting the journeys of several former servicemen and women and celebrating the experiences and leadership they bring to Best Buy.


10 Nov: For this Best Buy manager, military support is personal

T.C. Crossland never served in the military, but he has a deep appreciation for those who have.

His grandfather served under Gen. George Patton, his dad is a retired Army command sergeant major and his son has been deployed to Iraq and Syria with in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. T.C. received a congressional appointment to the Air Force Academy but was unable to serve because of high-frequency hearing loss in both ears.

Now, as a Best Buy general manager, T.C.


10 Nov: 3 Career Lessons A Best Buy VP Learned in the Military

As Best Buy’s vice president of supply chain, Mark Irvin helps the company move millions of tech products from our distribution centers to our stores and customers every year.

He has spent more than 25 years in corporate supply chain operations. But before that, Mark started his career in field medical logistics in the Army.

The Michigan native spent eight years in the military, starting in Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) during college and rising to the rank of captain. He spent most of the time in the Medical Service Corps, where he helped get supplies where they needed to go.

Best Buy - veterans

10 Nov: Military Veterans Find New Careers at Best Buy


When Sam Messenheimer left the Marine Corps, he found it difficult to transition to civilian life. Many prospective employers didn’t understand his military jargon or how his skills would translate to a new role.

Then he interviewed at Best Buy, where the leaders showed an interest in his military experience and took the time to understand how it could translate to responsibilities within the company.

The rest, as they say, is history. Sam, who started as a part-time asset protection specialist, now serves as an assistant manager in North Carolina.

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11 Nov: Best Buy Manager Learned to Lead in Army

After returning home in 1999 from an 8-month tour during the conflict in Kosovo, Army Spc. Steve Sonday planned to re-enlist for one of the military’s most dangerous jobs.

As a lifelong fireworks enthusiast, he dreamed of becoming an Explosives Ordinance Disposal technician, a role in which he would disarm bombs like in the movie “Hurt Locker.” He got his top-secret clearance and completed a stress test in the 75-pound bomb suit.


But Steve never signed his Army re-enlistment papers. Instead, he opted for civilian life and began what would become a very successful and fulfilling career at Best Buy.


09 Nov: Best Buy Employees Assemble 5,000 Care Packages for Deployed Military Members

Nearly 500 Best Buy employees came out in full force last Friday to fill more than 5,000 individual care packages for military men and women deployed overseas. Forty-three active members of the 133rd Airlift Wing, a unit of the Minnesota Air National Guard, also participated.

The packages contain everything from snacks to Bluetooth speakers to letters and drawings from kids, all donated by Best Buy employees during October. The company donated some items, too, such as Insignia headphones and portable battery chargers.