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01 Feb: This Company Makes Cases That Protect Phones and the Planet

Michael Pratt started Pivet Communications with plans to shake up the industry, and he’s doing just that.

Pivet created its Self-Cycle technology specifically to build a range of phone cases that are designed to protect your device and the planet. The cases are “100% bioavailable” to nature’s decaying agents, meaning if they can’t be recycled, they will break down in microbe-rich environments, such as landfills.

“We’re working to be disruptive, compelling and innovative,” Michael said. “Everything we do must follow those three pillars.”


11 Feb: Buy a phone case, get a lesson in black history for free

Michael Pratt is an entrepreneur with a brain for business and a heart for history.

“I’ve spent time learning all of who I am and where I’ve come from” Michael said. “I take extreme pride in my background because I have knowledge of self, and that’s given me the confidence to take risks that have led to the successes I’ve enjoyed so far.”

Michael’s latest success comes from his new company, Pivet, which introduces different and sometimes never-before-seen tech products to store shelves.

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04 Jun: Show your Pride with accessories from Best Buy

In support of Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ community, Best Buy is bringing Pride-themed accessories to this month.

Customers will find rainbow phone cases, watch bands and PopSockets.

Best Buy is a longtime supporter of equality, demonstrated by a perfect rating of 100 on the annual Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index and earning the designation as a “Best Place to Work for LGBT” for the 13th year. 

To shop the pride accessories collection, visit


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31 Mar: Cynthia Vincent Debuts Exclusive Tech Accessories at Best Buy

It’s time to swap out your winter wardrobe for new spring styles – and for many of us, personalizing our smartphone is as much fun as picking out the right handbag.

For the fashion-forward, look no further. Cynthia Vincent, one of the world’s top fashion designers, is launching an exclusive collection of accessories for smartphones, tablets and laptops at Best Buy.

Her accessories sporting colorful, tribal patterns are available on now and will arrive in Best Buy stores on April 12.