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11 May: Peek-A-Boo: Smart Nursery Products Help Monitor and Care for Baby

Parents want to keep their babies safe, sound and satisfied. Now, smart nursery products help make that easier.

For today’s tech-savvy parents, Best Buy now has a new collection of internet-connected nursery devices. You can find them in every big box store across the country and online at

In addition to products we’ve sold for years – like connected baby monitors and food preparation appliances – we’ve added smart products that help parents do everything from monitoring babies’ oxygen levels, to tracking their food intake, to sharing special moments with family and friends.

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04 May: Best Buy, Vivint Partner to Launch Smart Home Service

Frank Regalado was wandering through his local Best Buy in San Antonio on a recent afternoon when a bright blue door in the center of the store caught his eye.

It was an interactive display with smart home products, including a smart lock, doorbell, cameras and thermostat. Intrigued, he tried all the gadgets. Then he worked with a smart home expert to design a system that was right for him. It was an unexpected purchase, but a valuable one.

“I’ve been wanting to add a security system at my house,” he said.


04 May: Best Buy Partners with Vivint Smart Home to Launch Leading-Edge Smart Home Service

RICHFIELD, Minn. and PROVO, Utah (May 4, 2017) – Best Buy and Vivint Smart Home today announced a strategic partnership to give customers an easy way to automate and manage their homes, called Best Buy Smart Home powered by Vivint. With a nationwide rollout beginning this summer, Best Buy customers will be able to visit one of more than 400 of the chain’s large-format stores to consult with a smart home expert, design a comprehensive system, and receive professional installation and monitoring, often within 24 hours.

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20 Apr: This Earth Day, Save Energy with Smart Thermostats

To celebrate Earth Day this year, we’re highlighting products that can help you save energy, which helps reduce the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. That’s good for the earth and can help you save a few bucks, too.

Here’s a quick look at a few popular smart thermostats. And, right now, you can save even more, because Best Buy is offering great Earth Day deals on a couple of them.

Nest Learning Thermostat

This thermostat learns your habits and adjusts to automatically regulate your home’s temperature based on your schedule.

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17 Mar: Get Smart on Sleep and Lighting

Sleep. We all do it, but many of us don’t get enough of it, even though it’s vital for physical and mental health. Not getting enough sleep can lead to stress, difficulty focusing, lower immunity, obesity and worse.

Even so, it can be easy to let sleep fall to the bottom of the to-do list. And, believe it or not, the timing and type of light we’re exposed to can have a big impact on how well we catch our Zs.

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30 Jan: Say Hello to a Sustainable Living Room

The living room is the heart of the home – the family gathering spot to play games, eat snacks and watch shows. For an easy way to add comfort and enjoyment to your space while saving energy and money, consider these six products:

  1. ENERGY STAR® certified air purifier:

    Breathe in fresh air while saving energy with an ENERGY STAR air purifier. Certified models are 40 percent more energy-efficient than standard models, which could save you about $30 on your annual utility bill.

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30 Nov: Holiday Lights Go High Tech on Philadelphia’s ‘Miracle on South 13th Street’

Almost every house along the 1600 block of South 13th Street in Philadelphia is illuminated with holiday lights in a twinkling tradition that would make Santa proud.

For more than a dozen years, people have come from far and wide to stroll the block and soak in the holiday cheer. In fact, Travel + Leisure magazine declared it one of the nation’s best  displays of holiday lights.

The neighborhood has coined it “The Miracle on South 13th Street,” and this year it’s going high tech with some help from Samsung and Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

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10 Nov: Best Buy Tech Experts Offer Smart Solutions in ‘Designing Spaces’ episode

When Lifetime Network needed an authority in smart home technology, who did they call? Best Buy of course.

And we responded enthusiastically. Our In-Home Advisor and Geek Squad services were profiled today in a new episode of Designing Spaces, the home improvement show that refreshes and redesigns living spaces across the country.

The segment features the Sutton family, whose South Florida home needed tech TLC in the form of smart home devices, services and solutions.  Best Buy In-Home Advisor Jeremiah Goldsmith and Geek Squad Double Agent Alex Pupo were there to help.

Best Buy Tech Home

22 Aug: Best Buy’s Tech Home: Where Smart Things Live

It’s time you went on a smart home tour. Let Best Buy be your guide.

It’s our 50th anniversary, and we’re rolling out the welcome mat to Tech Home at Minnesota’s Mall of America to help celebrate Best Buy’s role of bringing the latest technology to you.

Tech Home is a hands-on display of all things smart home, seamlessly connecting devices and appliances in a kitchen, living room, bedroom, office space and entryway. It includes top options for Wi-Fi, security, comfort and organization — including gadgets from Samsung Smart Things, NETGEAR, Canon, Philips Hue, Qualcomm Technologies and more.


18 Apr: An Earth Month Memo from Your Smart House

Pssst. It’s me, your smart house. Just wanted to give you an update of what’s going on at home. The bus is almost here, and I’m busy getting ready for the kids.

Your smart thermostat just kicked in, making the house the perfect temperature. I’ll make sure your kids don’t mess with it, too.

The sprinkler system is not running because it rained this morning. You know I don’t like to waste water.

I have a feeling that new gaming system is using too much energy, but I’ll let you know for sure because I’m monitoring it.

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15 Mar: Appliance Trends: Connected and Colorful

Smart appliances are getting smarter, and we’re not just talking washers, dryers and refrigerators.

Want a coffee maker that tells you when to buy more beans? Need a blender to tell you the exact nutritional information of your smoothies? How about an air purifier that lets you see the process?

All those innovations — and more — were on display at the International Home & Housewares Show last week in Chicago. Best Buy’s appliance merchandising team, which handles one of the company’s fastest-growing categories, was there.


08 Jan: 5 Ways Your Smart Home Is About to Get Even Smarter

Smart home technology is no longer the new kid on the block at CES. In fact, this year’s displays make it clear this category is growing up fast.

From thermostats and light bulbs to door locks and security cameras, homeowners have access to more connected products than ever before. And smartphone apps make it easy to control all of those so-called “Internet of Things” devices, whether you’re in the living room or on the go.

The Consumer Technology Association, the group that runs CES, expects sales of connected home products to increase 21 percent in 2016, to 8.9 million units sold.