Spring Break


15 Mar: Have Trustworthy Tech, Will Travel: Stay Secure on Spring Break

Spring break’s a time when students and adults alike abandon home base to explore new sites and snap Instagram-worthy selfies. But letting your hair down sometimes means letting your guard down, leaving your tech vulnerable to digital attacks, theft and damage.

Here are some of the other ways to keep your tech safe (and have your tech keep you safe) this spring break:

The lights are on, but nobody’s home

While you’re packing and prepping for the good times to come, it’s easy to forget about what you’re leaving behind.

Spring break Best Buy

17 Mar: Helpful Hints for Spring Break Success

More than half of Americans say that relaxation is the main reason they’re taking a spring break trip this year.

You’ve prepped, packed your bags and are well on your way to having the best vacay ever. But to have an even more relaxing and stress-free time, take note of this advice for getting around, staying connected and capturing memories.

Stay connected with Wi-Fi


Going abroad? If you don’t have an international phone plan, you can still stay connected. Turn off your cellular data and keep your phone in airplane mode.

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10 Mar: Have the Best Spring Break Ever With These Pre-Travel Tech Tips

Spring is in the air, and millions of Americans are packing their bags, looking forward to rest, relaxation and adventure. But before heading to the airport or putting the car into drive for that spring break destination, it’s important to make sure your tech devices are ready to go.

There are all kinds of gadgets to help keep you occupied while you’re traveling, capture memories while you’re there, and make the most of your vacation.

Make sure you check off these pre-trip tech tips.