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16 Aug: Best Buy reduces water consumption 24% since 2019

Water scarcity is a growing issue nation-wide. That’s why we are taking steps to reduce our water consumption and help our customers do the same.

By monitoring our water consumption across our business, we are proud to share that we have reduced our water usage across the company by 24% since 2019. From our stores to distribution centers and headquarters in Minnesota, we are committed to sustainably managing the water we use to help the planet.

Here’s a quick look at steps we’ve taken to achieve our goal to reduce the amount of water we use across our business.


21 Mar: Sustainable Tech To Help You Go Green This Earth Month

April is Earth Month, and many of us are paying a little closer attention to our impact on the environment.

Best Buy assorts a wide variety of products that can help you live more sustainably. That means tech that helps you save energy, use less water and reduce waste.

Living more sustainably doesn’t have to mean changing your entire lifestyle. Just a few small adjustments can make a big difference.

Here are some examples of products that can help you do that.


01 Feb: This Company Makes Cases That Protect Phones and the Planet

Michael Pratt started Pivet Communications with plans to shake up the industry, and he’s doing just that.

Pivet created its Self-Cycle technology specifically to build a range of phone cases that are designed to protect your device and the planet. The cases are “100% bioavailable” to nature’s decaying agents, meaning if they can’t be recycled, they will break down in microbe-rich environments, such as landfills.

“We’re working to be disruptive, compelling and innovative,” Michael said. “Everything we do must follow those three pillars.”

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02 Oct: Energy Efficiency Tips for Working From Home

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, millions of people are spending more time at home. And that means they’re spending more on their home energy bills, too.

That’s why now is a great time to review ways to reduce your energy usage. There are many ways to live more sustainably and save on your electric bill while working, learning and entertaining yourself at home.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Save energy in the laundry room

More time at home means more time for washing and drying clothes, which requires a lot of energy.


21 May: Save On Nest Thermostats This Month

At Best Buy, we’re committed to offering products that help our customers reduce their carbon footprints while saving money on their utility bills.

For the average household, more than half of the energy used is for heating and cooling1. A great way to control, monitor and reduce energy used at home is by installing a smart thermostat.

To help our customers save energy and money, we’re partnering with Google to offer deals on Nest smart thermostats this month.

From now through May 31:

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12 May: Sustainable Tech: Rachio Smart Sprinkler Control System

April showers have dried up, the hot summer days are nearing and it’s time to start watering your lawn again.

Now you can add a fun gadget to your smart home with the Rachio sprinkler system. Rachio isn’t just smart, it’s sustainable too.

Setting it up is easy – in 30 minutes or less, replace your old controller and connect Rachio to your Wi-Fi system.

After you’ve connected the device to Wi-Fi, download the Rachio App, available for both iOS and Android, so you can adjust your sprinkler system from afar.

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12 Dec: Sustainable Tech: 5 Gifts You’ll Feel Good about Giving

If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping just yet, here are a few gift ideas that you can feel good about giving. Each of these cool sustainable tech items also help to protect the environment.


For those who throw the best dance parties: Philips Hue Light Bulb

They’ll love taking their party to the next level by setting their new colored bulbs to music. You’ll love that the bulbs are ENERGY STAR® certified, meaning they will use less energy while protecting the environment.

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16 Nov: Sustainable Tech: Save Energy with Insignia’s Smart Plug

It’s lunch time and you’re at work, but you just realized you left your Clark Griswold-inspired holiday lights display turned on. Yikes! Your energy bill is going through the roof. Good thing you just bought an Insignia Wi-Fi Smart Plug and connected it to your lights.

With a couple of clicks on your phone, you can turn the display off. Energy crisis averted!

This new plug connects electronic devices to your home Wi-Fi network, giving you the power to control your devices from afar, helping to save energy and money.


28 Oct: Sustainable Tech: Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs Just Got Smarter

ENERGY STAR® is the most recognized symbol for energy efficiency. And at Best Buy, we sell a lot of ENERGY STAR certified products – TVs, computers, kitchen appliances and even sound bars. We are thrilled to add Philips Hue connected LED light bulbs to that list. They are the first connected light bulbs to earn the mark for superior energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR means saving energy and saving money on utility bills. Smart, right?

So, why is it better for a connected light bulb to be ENERGY STAR certified?


23 Jun: Sustainable Tech: These Batteries Recharge Quickly, Use Less Energy

Remote control. Flashlight. Digital camera. Kid’s toy. Calculator.

All of these items require batteries, the little energy sources that have become an integral part of our lives. We rely on them so much that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that nearly 3 billion dry-cell batteries are purchased in the United States each year.

As our reliance grows, sustainability is increasingly becoming a focus area for battery manufacturers. Batteries are made to last longer and use less energy.

Take the Eco Cell USB rechargeable battery, for instance.