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05 Feb: Tech Talk: Innovations That Have Changed How We Bank

Going to the bank used to be as routine as running to the grocery store or stopping for gas, but modern technology has dramatically changed the way we manage our money.

Today, much of our banking is done digitally. Our paychecks are deposited directly into our bank accounts, we withdraw cash from ATMs, and we pay our bills online. We can even deposit checks and transfer funds instantly from an app.

To learn more about how tech is changing the banking industry, the Best Buy Blog chatted with Dominic Venturo.

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21 Aug: Tech Talk: How Fantasy Football Scored Big as Internet Grew

With pro football’s first regular-season games just around the corner, millions of Americans are busy prepping for their annual fantasy football drafts.

Fantasy sports have become more popular than ever in recent years, thanks largely to the rise of technology. You can research your picks and download “cheat sheets” from hundreds of websites, draft your team remotely and change your lineup via an app. It’s all done online.

To learn more about the changing fantasy football landscape, we chatted with Paul Charchian, who has witnessed the transformation from the inside as one of the industry’s most recognized experts.

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13 Mar: Tech Talk: How Domino’s Changed the Way We Order Pizza

It wasn’t long ago that you had to actually pick up the phone to order a pizza. Then the industry transformed with the advent of online ordering.

Now the process is completely digital. You need only open an app or tweet a pizza emoji, then wait for your food to arrive.

The increasingly simple art of ordering a pizza is yet another example of how tech is changing the way we live and communicate — and Domino’s has been on the leading edge of the trend.