27 Jul: Something Borrowed, Lots Of Blue: Best Buy Veterans Say ‘I Do’

They say love is patient. And in the case of Tonya and Tharun Trammel, it waited quietly on the sidelines for over a decade.

For 15 years, Tonya and Tharun worked side by side as co-workers at the Best Buy store in Independence, Missouri. They didn’t chat much until the death of a mutual friend started to draw them together in 2012. In the years that followed, each went through a divorce.

“We both struggled through a dark period of our lives, but instead of grieving alone, we chose to find comfort in one another,” Tharun said.


19 Aug: Attending a Wedding? Don’t be ‘That Guest’!

Being a good guest has its own etiquette to follow, especially when it comes to buying a gift.

Millions of Americans will be heading off to weddings this summer and fall, and a significant part of pre-wedding prep is buying a gift. It’s never easy: What’s the right gift? How much should you spend? Is a card good enough?

With so many gift-giving events in our lives throughout a year, here are some sure-fire tips for buying wedding presents that will ensure you’re not “That Guest.”

Wedding Registry

06 Jul: The Millennial Wedding: Bring On The Tech

These days, soon-to-be married couples are far more likely to ask for a UHD TV than china dishes. Grooms play a more significant role than they did in weddings 20 years ago. Nuptials now are more elaborate and embrace more traditions.

Those are some of the highlights of a new survey comparing feedback of couples married within the past five years with those married 20 or more years ago.

Best Buy commissioned the study with Wakefield Research to dive deeper into the world of today’s brides and grooms, following the launch earlier this year of Best Buy’s very own wedding registry.

Best Buy Wedding Registry - Adam - 4

16 Feb: Why We’re the First to Register for Best Buy’s New Wedding Registry

When it comes to wedding planning, my buddies told me to get excited about the taste testing, but not so much about going to register for wedding gifts. I understood where they were coming from. Hours of reflecting on china and glassware are not necessarily my idea of a good time.

However, my enthusiasm for bridal registries took a major change for the better this past weekend when my fiancée, Hannah, and I became the very first couple to register on Best Buy’s new wedding registry. 

Best Buy Wedding Registry Dotcom Screen Image Featured

11 Feb: Say ‘I Do’ With Tech Products from the Best Buy Wedding Registry

We’ve got “something new and blue” to share with brides and grooms: The Best Buy Wedding Registry. Starting Feb. 16, couples will be able to register for their most-wanted tech essentials – products that both brides and grooms can get excited about.

More than 1.5 million couples register for wedding gifts each year, choosing items from an average of three retailers. Gone are the days of being limited to registering for candlesticks and china … today’s modern couple now can get the products they want and need in their digital lives.