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Tech Center Teens Get Career Advice From Best Buy

When it comes to applying for a first job — or any job for that matter — many people stress over writing their resume and preparing for the interview process.

Best Buy recently helped 25 students from the Best Buy Teen Tech Center at Little Black Pearl in Chicago learn how to turn that stress into success during a company-sponsored career workshop.

The goal: to give the students pointers on professionalism and how to stand out as a job candidate.

“It was amazing to see the “ah-ha” moments when they learned to look at things differently” said Frank Barciak, a human resource manager for Best Buy Mobile.

The workshop, run by five members of Best Buy’s Human Resources team, put students in interview situations. They were given feedback based on their responses, appearance, attitude and professionalism.

Students were led through a series of topics to help them learn how to identify and share their best skills, attributes and experiences to a potential employer.

The topics included:

  • learning the importance of a professional online presence
  • the impact of a poor professional persona
  • how to convey professional experiences
  • how to diversify a resume

As an extension of the event, the students will visit a local store to learn more about Best Buy outside of the Teen Tech Center. They also will present an updated resume to an interview panel and going through another mock interview.

“This was such a fulfilling experience for me as a new hire to be able to give back and work for a company that is committed to paying it forward to the next generation of employees,” said Janine Pipkin, a talent sourcer for Best Buy Specialty Brands.

Little Black Pearl is one of eight Best Buy Teen Tech Centers across the United States. The centers provide a safe place for students to experiment, collaborate and play with cutting-edge technology and develop skills for their future success.

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