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Tech that keeps your little one safe for Baby Safety Month

Technology has transformed the way parents are able to care for their little loved ones.

From smart monitors to virtual doctor visits, new products are giving parents peace of mind and allowing for less worry — and more play.

September is Baby Safety Month, so we talked with Whitney Hill, senior merchant for smart nursery, to get her baby safety must-haves.

“Being a parent can be overwhelming, but technology makes the entire process easier than ever before,” she said. “As a mother of two, I can’t imagine what life would be like without some of these devices.”

Whitney’s top baby safety picks include:

  • Baby Brezza One Step Sterilizer & Dryer: It’s a big time saver for parents of newborns. No more hand washing those bottles. Better yet, they’ll be clean and dry in time for the next feeding.


  • Owlet Smart Sock Heart Rate Monitor Rest easy by monitoring baby’s heart rate, oxygen level and sleep patterns — all from the tips of your fingers. The app gives you easy access to important information while in another room or after leaving baby with the sitter.


  • Nanit Baby Monitor and Sleep Tracker Keep an eye out from above and track baby’s sleep with this monitor. With night vision, two-way audio, temperature sensors and much more, you’ll sleep easy knowing your little one is safe and sound.


  • TytoHome Medical Exam Kit Bring licensed medical professionals directly to you, whether that’s at home in the middle of the night or anywhere on the go. With different attachments, you can conduct an exam and connect with a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment 24/7.


  • Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer When your baby’s fever hits, you’ll receive accurate, 1-second readings from this thermometer. You can also create individual family profiles. The app allows you to access health information from anywhere, making doctor’s visits a breeze.


  • Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Car Seat Ride easy when your toddler’s in this seat. Air Protect technology provides side-impact resilience, so your family can safely hit the road and head out on your next adventure.


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