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Tech to make the most of your holiday hosting

The holidays are upon us, and with that comes the fun — but sometimes stressful — task of getting your home ready for celebrations.

And the right tech can add a little pep to your holiday prep.

Josiah Barker, an expert Blue Shirt at our Best Buy store in Castleton, Indiana, loves listening to music while enjoying a cup of eggnog and spending time with friends and family during the holidays. He has several recommendations for getting the most out of being the host.

Getting in the spirit: music + lights!

Holiday music and lighting are essential for creating a festive mood. Voice assistants and portable speakers make playing music especially easy.

“The Google Home Max is phenomenal because I can tell it to play my favorite holiday music while getting food and presents ready,” Josiah said. “Growing up, my mom always had seasonal music playing throughout the house. It brings back great memories.”

Smart lightbulbs are another great way to set the holiday mood.

“I enjoy subtle tones of red and green in certain rooms of the house,” he said.

Staying connected + sharing memories

Staying connected to friends and family members who live far away can make all the difference in celebrating the holidays.

“I have friends and family who are unable to visit during the holiday season,” Josiah says. “This year I’m planning to chat with them on my  Facebook Portal, which makes it feel like people who are far away are almost right there with me.

He also enjoys taking photos with a nice point-and-shoot digital camera to display on a digital photo frame or send to friends and family.

“To me, quality definitely matters when we’re talking about capturing and sharing memories,” Josiah said.

Delicious food + drinks

Nothing says “happy holidays” like all the delicious smells. Josiah and his family waste little time prepping meals, treats and drinks.

“My cousins do a lot of the cooking and baking,” he said. “Having a reliable stand mixer makes things very easy. Air fryers are also an amazing and great tool for making healthier deep-fried food.”

Josiah also enjoys a glass of dry red wine during the holiday season.

“Whenever we open a bottle we don’t finish, we’re able to store it for later with our Coravin Model 2 Wine System,” he said.

All the family fun + entertainment

Last but not least, it’s important to have plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. Josiah says toys are a must for kids in the house.

“There is something about crashing Hot Wheels cars that is fun for every child,” he said. “I remember when my friends and I would spend a fair amount of time just doing that.”

He also has fond memories of the Polaroid instant camera he had as a child.

“I used to take all sorts of photos with that,” he said. “It was so much fun to take the picture and watch it print out. The Polaroid OneStep+ is a great way to go for anyone who is looking for nostalgia coupled with convenience.”


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