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Texas computing expert helps customers make most out of their tech

There’s a man called Uncle Nate who comes in every Tuesday, always looking to upgrade, always curious about the next big thing. 

There’s a woman named Ms. Leslie who keeps coming back with questions about her iPad, wondering how she can make the most of all its capabilities. 

They’re two of the regular customers who visit the Best Buy store in Frisco, Texas, specifically wanting to work with computing supervisor Kenneth Henry 

Kenneth is comfortable in most areas of the store, and his confidence in his knowledge makes the customer confident,” said General Manager Richard Fennell. “He’s also very empathetic.” 

Kenneth has a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to helping people.  

“No two customers are the same,” he said. “People might be buying the same thing, but they’re not using it the same way. One person might be using a device for writing, someone else might be using it for drawing. It’s fun seeing how different people interact with their stuff, and it’s really cool when customers are open to be shown the smallest details. 

That individualized attention is what draws customers to Kenneth. 

“He focuses all his attention on them and thinks outside the box to make it work for them,” Richard said 

Looking to the future

Kenneth hopes to become store general manager someday — and hicurrent leader thinks he’s off to a pretty good start. 

“He offers the best advice for associates in their development and care for the customer in the moment,” Richard says. “He’s highly respected in our store. Definitely a rock star. 

That respect is earned by Kenneth through both his knowledge and his approach.  

“I try to treat people more like family than just a co-worker,” he says. “My team has been doing well. They make me look good. I appreciate that.” 

Kenneth will be adding to his own family soon, when he becomes a father for the first time in March. He says he’s looking forward to “getting to do all the stuff I did with my dad, like going to the gym, and throwing a football. 

And, given his line of work, Kenneth said, they’ll also be doing some gaming together.  

“I can’t wait for him to say, ‘Dad can you beat this level for me?’” 


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