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Texas supervisor takes pride in her Pakistani culture

Editor’s note: In May, Best Buy is proud to honor Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month and celebrate our AAPI employees and communities. Read on for the story of one of our AAPI leaders.

Manahil Rajput is a Pakistani American Muslim woman who is known as a vibrant and energetic supervisor at Best Buy Store 1413 in Cypress, Texas.

From an early age, she was taught that cultural and religious identity were things to be cherished and celebrated.

As a college student and full-time retail supervisor, Manahil says she is proud to be part of a company focused on creating an inclusive workplace. 

“I am comfortably and successfully able to be a productive member of my store, while easily adhering to religious guidelines,” she said.

When she was hired, she was the only employee within the store who wore a hijab — the traditional head covering worn by many Muslim women.

Manahil has taken questions about her unique attire in stride and sees it as a way to educate those who might not know much about her cultural background.

Representation matters

Throughout her Best Buy journey, Manahil’s mindset was to prove she had what it took to become a leader.

To accomplish this, she learned about and shared the various incentives and services that Best Buy offers our customers. This focus on the customer led to her quickly becoming a leader in the computing department. 

Within two years’ time, Manahil was an Apple certified expert before being promoted into her current role. She says being the first Pakistani-Muslim woman in leadership at the store has helped drive home the point about appropriate representation.

Looking ahead

Leaders have noticed and recognized Manahil for her positive energy and leadership skills.

“She’s a people-first leader. She brings up often how important it is to have gender diversity,” said general manager Nathan Mayers. “She’s passionate, courageous and always willing to step out of her comfort zone.”

Those skills, along with Manahil’s work ethic and a never-quit attitude, bode well for her future.

In addition to her role at Best Buy, she’s a full-time student pursuing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business, double majoring in marketing and management.

“I’m thankful for everyone who has helped me get to this point in my career, from mentors and managers to friends and family,” Manahil said. “I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had and look forward to meet the road ahead with voracious tenacity.”

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