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Turn Back the Clock for Geek Squad’s 20th Birthday: ’94 vs. 2014

The "hottest" releases back in ... 1994, courtesy of Best Buy's archives.
The “hottest” releases back in … 1994, courtesy of Best Buy’s archives.

What better time to reminisce about the technology of two decades ago than this, the Geek Squad’s 20th birthday year.

Let’s  mentally teleport back to the age of copious amounts of cookie-cutter boy bands, jean overalls with one strap undone, and Jansport backpacks.

To get in the right ’90s mindset, check out which movies were hot on VHS — yes VHS — back in 1994.


Laptops: From thick bricks to dynamic 2-in-1 shape-shifting gadgets



Today’s version of the PC laptop averages $399, so just a bit more affordable than that heavy $2,000+ version. In addition to oodles more memory, processing speed, etc., options like the Lenovo Yoga can double as a tablet, too.


TVs: Remember when they were heavy enough to induce hernias?

TV Final


Remember when you couldn’t sit on the floor in front of your family room’s 48-inch analog tube TV because it was a projection screen? Today’s kids don’t understand the struggle.

Not only are TVs thinner, lighter, Smart-er, they’re also available in Ultra-HD — four times the clarity of 1080p HDTV — and even curved. Instead of being a living room monstrosity, TVs are an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece.


Camcorders: Two decades of tech has helped make recording family reunions much easier



Dad looked dorky lugging this bad boy around back in ’94, gazing into the HandyCam with one eye and squinting with the other.

GoPro changed everything — smaller than a deck of cards, shoots in 1080p HD, has accessories that not only make it waterproof but lets it be mounted onto a helmet, too.

In conclusion: Video recording tech makes 2014 Dad look much cooler than 1994 Dad.


Point and shoot cameras: Now in the age of ‘instant reminiscing



That feeling of “I hope these photos turn out when I develop them” isn’t an issue anymore, thanks to digital point and shoot cameras.


Video Players: It’s weird to think the VCR is Chromecast’s ancestor, right?

Video Players


Be kind and rewind? Talk about an archaic saying.

Video players made multiple leaps since VHS — from DVD to Blu-ray.

And that’s not even accounting for the arrival of streaming media players like Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast that are putting TV shows, movies and YouTube videos into your living room with the push of a button.