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Want to Upgrade or Remodel Your Kitchen? Know These Trends

You can’t wait any longer: It’s time for a new kitchen. Or at least new appliances. Maybe both?

Whatever you decide, you’re going to have a lot of choices to sort through.

“There are so many different ways you can take it,” says Bryan Petersen, a Best Buy appliance expert. “Think about, ‘What do I want this space to do for me?’”

Check out these appliance trends and innovations for a little inspiration.

Keeping things cool

Let’s start with your refrigerator. There are top mounts, side-by-sides, French doors and convertible cooling options. Decide what suits your fancy, then make sure it fits into the space you have, or the space you’re creating.

For people who want to be on the cutting edge of refrigeration technology, there’s Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator. It has a touch screen on the door and built-in cameras that take pictures of the inside of your fridge. You can access those photos through your smart phone to determine what you’re getting low on. So instead of wondering if you need to pick up milk on your way home from work, you just peek into your fridge from your desk!

You can also do some peeking with the LG Instaview, which has a glass panel to let you see inside without opening the door. Quick access doors let you quickly grab items without having to open the entire fridge. And there are plenty of new options for a different look, including black stainless.

“For a lot of people, so much has changed since they last bought new appliances,” says Petersen. “There are so many innovations that didn’t exist the last time they went appliance shopping.”

Heating things up

For ranges, those innovations  include slide-in design (eliminating the back panel and moving controls conveniently to the front), and convection cooking, which cooks food quicker and more evenly by using a fan to circulate heat around it. Smart ranges allow you to control the oven remotely and send you real-time alerts, or connect to your Nest thermostat to monitor excess smoke or shut off the appliance–if you accidentally leave it on when you leave the house.

“Basically, you can decide to refresh, renew or remodel,” Petersen says. “If you’re not wanting to perform a major remodel, there are a lot of options that allow you to mix and match new appliances within your existing kitchen.”

A seamless look

If you are going to remodel, you might want to go for built-in appliances. They integrate right into the cabinetry, freeing up space and giving the kitchen a seamless look. And Premium appliances like Viking, Jenn-Air and Thermador can add classic, high-end quality with all the cutting-edge technology. A Pacific Kitchen and Home expert can help you put it all together.

So whether you’re making small tweaks or a major overhaul, make the most of the many options you have for your kitchen.

For other inspiration, head to the Best Buy remodeling page.


To see all the cool innovations you can choose from, go to the Appliance innovations page on BestBuy.com, or head to your local Best Buy store and talk with an expert.