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Which Tech Came True from ‘Back to the Future Part II’?

The movie Back to the Future Part II sent Marty McFly, his girlfriend Jennifer and Doc Brown from 1985 to October 21, 2015. Now that their fictional future has arrived, let’s see which promised technology predictions came true. And a few that didn’t.

Zip up your auto-fit, self-drying jacket… The future is here.


Unfortunately, hoverboards don’t actually exist… yet. But for tech that’s cool and floats like Marty’s levitating skateboard deck, check out drones. From small toys that roll across the floor, to quadcopters complete with gimbal-mounted 4K cameras and GPS, drones are here and getting better all the time.


Future bully, Griff Tannen’s, muscle-enhancing bionic implants are a pretty close match to today’s wearable technology. And while Griff only wanted to swing his Kirk Gibson, Jr. 2000 bat harder, tech like the Samsung Gear, Fitbit Flex and the Apple Watch are wearables that exist today to make our lives better and more connected. Luckily, Griff’s hat style currently doesn’t exist.



On this one, Back to the Future Part II nails it. Similar to the McFly family’s thumbprint recognition lock on their fictional 2015 house, smart door locks allow access without a key. From Bluetooth to touchpad control, the variety of ways to lock, unlock and even grant temporary access to guests is a great addition to your connected home.

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