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You’re Sustainable, but Are Your Roommates?

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So you’re living in your first apartment. Freedom! But you’re also paying the bills now. And let’s be honest, you’d rather spend your money on a night out than on your electric bill, right?

October is Energy Awareness Month, so we’re sharing a few easy ways to save energy and money in your first place:

  • Ask your landlord to change overhead lights to LED – they are energy efficient and last a long time.
  • While you’re talking to your landlord, ask them to install a smart thermostat. They can pay for themselves in about two years.
  • Use smart power strips for large electronics like TVs and computers.
  • Put your computer or laptop in sleep mode.
  • Unplug small appliances like coffee makers when you’re not using them and same for phone chargers. Even if a device isn’t on, if it’s plugged in, it will still be using standby power.
  • Wait until your laundry load is completely full so you aren’t wasting water and electricity – and wash those clothes in cold water.
  • Check out solar chargers – the sun’s energy is free!

Make sure your roommates are on board with the energy-saving plan. You can cheers to your next month’s bill.

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