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To Avoid TV Tip-Overs, Follow These 5 Safety Steps

More than 100 million people will turn on their televisions Sunday to watch the big football game.

As you’re gearing up to join them, we want to help keep your home safe from a potential danger: TV tip-overs.

A child visits an emergency room every 45 minutes because of an injury from a television tipping over, according to a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission report.

Here are five things to know about preventing TV tip-over accidents:

  • It’s all about the stand. Always place your television on sturdy, level, low-to-the-floor, right-sized furniture designed for holding a TV.
  • Mount it. The safest way to secure a flat-screen TV is by mounting it to the wall according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have an older television or aren’t able to mount it, think about using an anti-tip strap or bracket.
  • Keep kids off. Never let kids climb on your TV or the furniture holding it. A dresser can look like stairs when the drawers are pulled out. If children see it, they will climb it.
  • Control the cords. Unruly cords can be a tripping or tipping hazard. Secure or hide cords so they can’t be easily grabbed.
  • Recycle that dinosaur. When you buy a new television, think about recycling the old one instead of putting it somewhere else in your home.

At Best Buy, we are proud to support National TV Safety Day, a collaboration of Safe Kids Worldwide and the Consumer Technology Association. We recently created this new Geek Squad Tech Tip video to help educate consumers about preventing TV tip-overs.

If you have questions about installing your television or making sure it’s secured safely, check out all the services that Geek Squad offers.

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