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13 Signs You Might Be a Geek

Crazy about comic books? Smitten with sci-fi? Ga-ga for gadgets? Then today, Geek Pride Day, might just be for you.

It’s a celebration for people who are really, really into a hobby or intellectual pursuit. And it’s a big day for Best Buy’s Geek Squad (kind of like Pi Day).

“If you’re passionate about something and really live it, you’re probably a geek in it,” said Andy Bork, commander of Geek Squad Cultural Systems and Operations. “And you should be proud of that.”

Geek Squad has more than 20,000 Agents, so in the spirit of geek pride, we asked some of them to finish the sentence: “You might be a geek if…”

Here are some of the top replies:

  • You have cable-tied your pants back together
  • Your first answer to a question is 42. (Don’t get it, click here.)
  • You get excited that there’s a new issue of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly.
  • Your eye twitches whenever someone refers to hard drive space as “memory.”
  • You get offended when someone calls you a nerd, and you explain the differences so they never make the same mistake twice.
  • Your idea of a fun Saturday night is reading product manuals.
  • Your password hint references any portion of The Lord of the Rings.
  • You can spend entire dinners debating Star Wars Star Trek.
  • You know more IP addresses than phone numbers.
  • You have more of something (comic books, action figures, miscellaneous collections) than you can count.
  • You can’t let go of any cables in your home. (You might need them for something later!)
  • You constantly argue about what is better: Android vs iOS. Or Mac vs PC. Or PC gaming vs console gaming.
  • You spend more time answering questions and fixing other people’s computers (family members and friends) than your own.


If you have a tech problem that needs to be solved, Geek Squad Agents are ready to help. If you’re a geek and want to work with others like you, consider working at Geek Squad.