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Pi Day Celebration Baked into Geek Squad Culture

Any way you slice it, Pi Day is a big deal for Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

March 14 represents pi, an important mathematical number that begins 3.14 and goes on and on from there (3.14, get it?). It’s also the birthday of genius Albert Einstein. And if you add an “e” to make it pie, you get a tasty treat.

Think about it: mathematics, Einstein and food. “It’s a geek’s holiday trifecta,” says Andy Bork, Commander, Geek Squad Cultural Systems and Operations.



Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and it’s a mathematical constant, meaning it’s always the same no matter the size of the circle.

Another constant, though not so mathematical, is Geek Squad’s quirky culture. From unique uniforms to the distinctive Geekmobile, the tech-support task force has always set itself apart by doing things a little bit differently. That goes for holidays, too. Geek Squad has a host of them, including days that celebrate data privacy, geek pride and talking like a pirate.

Agents have been celebrating Pi Day since the 1990s.

It’s a way to bring co-workers together and talk about ideas and innovation, Andy said. “Most big ideas didn’t start at a white board,” he added.

Here’s how to celebrate Pi Day, Geek Squad style:

  • Make a pie (“Ideal,” says Andy.)
  • Buy a pie (“Acceptable,” he adds.)
  • Order a pizza (It’s a pie, right?)
  • See how far you can calculate pi
  • Count circles wherever you’re at
  • Talk about cool — and geeky — stuff

You never know, talking about pi — or eating pie — could lead to the next technological innovation.