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4 Tips to Keep Your Phone Germ-Free as Possible

Flu season is overstaying its welcome this winter, and the CDC can prove it.

Your mobile phone, that thing that’s probably attached to your hand most of the day, is a magnet for germs, and we’ve been getting questions from customers on the best way to keep it clean.

Our Geek Squad Agents have answers. See what they say to four frequently asked questions about mobile device hygiene.


1. What’s the safest way to disinfect (clean and kill germs) most mobile phones?

The quickest way: Zagg Gadget Cleaning Wipes. They’re antibacterial and clean your phone easily.

A DIY way: Use a 1:1 mixture of distilled water and 70 percent or purer isopropyl alcohol.

Both are inexpensive and can be found in your local grocery or drug store. Put the mixture into a spray bottle, lightly spray onto a microfiber cloth and use it to wipe down your portable gadgets, keyboard, mouse and anything else you touch (or sneeze on) regularly.


2. What are the most common mistakes people make when trying to disinfect their phones? 

Avoid using regular household cleaners on your portable devices. Many, like window cleaning fluids, aren’t designed for touchscreens. They can often leave behind unwanted films on your screens and can degrade the touchscreen coating.

Also avoid using regular cloth or paper towels and avoid spraying cleaner directly onto your device. The excess liquid can seep around the edges of the screen or into the device causing physical damage. Instead, spray cleaner lightly onto a microfiber cloth and use that to wipe clean.


3. How often should people disinfect their phones? 
Once a week, at the least. Don’t forget your keyboard and mouse. During winter, you might want to do a cleaning at the end of each day.


4. Is there anything else people can do to avoid phone germs –  like not bringing your phone or tablet into the bathroom with you?
Avoid using your phone in the bathroom. Even if it doesn’t reduce germ exposure, it’s good manners. And definitely don’t place it on a sink or other bathroom surface while you’re in there. Lastly, always wash your hands!