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4-year-old Best Buy ‘employee’ dresses the part at preschool

When he’s not at preschool, Jaxson Vercruyssen works in the cellphone department of the Best Buy store in Fairfax, Virginia. Or so he says.

The 4-year-old believes this so strongly that when his mom told him she is sure he could someday work at Best Buy, Jaxson definitively replied: “I already work there. My manager has been calling me and I need you to take me there at 7:00.”

So last Friday, for career day at his preschool, the tot knew exactly what he wanted to be. With a little help from store employees who made him a name tag, Jaxson walked into class dressed as the tiny blue-shirt-wearing tech expert he says he is, proudly wearing his Best Buy uniform among classmates dressed as doctors and cartoon characters.

“Jaxson has always had an active imagination,” said his mom, Krystal. When he plays with toys, he often creates a store — and he always appoints himself the manager. But Jaxson’s particular affinity for Best Buy seems to be more than just run-of-the-mill fandom.

Krystal said people comment that her son must have worked for Best Buy in a past life because he’s “completely convinced” that he’s an employee — something he revealed about 8 months ago when the family drove by a Best Buy store.

“Out of nowhere Jaxson said, ‘Look, Mommy, this is where I work. I work there all the time. I work about 10 minutes a week,’” she said. “I asked him, ‘Do they pay you?’ and he said, ‘Yeah. $10.’ He tells us what he’s bought with his money, like a red and blue car.”

Store General Manager Eufemio Guzman helped create Jaxson’s name tag and honorarily welcome him to the store’s staff. He said seeing children look up to Best Buy employees makes him proud. “When Jaxson turns 16, we’d love to have him officially join the Best Buy team.”


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