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5 Tips For A Safe, Secure Password

Internet safety is a concern for everyone, and the first line of defense is a secure password.

Updating all your various passwords can be tedious, but it’s so important for keeping your devices and online information safe. Once a cybercriminal has your password, they might be able to access your bank account or other personal information.

“Changing your password is important because it prevents unauthorized people from having access to your data,” Geek Squad Agent Ericka Jones said. “Online scams and data breaches are happening every day, so updating your password frequently will help keep you and your information safe.”

In recognition of World Password Day on May 6, we asked Agent Jones for tips on creating better passwords to protect your devices and online data.

  1. Change your password every few months. The perfect timing is around two or three months. Updating your password keeps your information secure if there’s a data breach, and it makes it harder for hackers to access your device.
  2. Be creative! Complexity is key, so it’s best to use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and symbols. You can also use password generators to create a random combination of letters and numbers.
  3. Avoid common passwords. People often use the word ”password” or personal information (such as your name, birthday or address) because it’s easy to remember, but that’s easier for cybercriminals, too. By being more obscure, it’s harder for other people to guess.
  4. Keep your passwords secure. There are many online password storage options that are safe to use and helpful for remembering all your passwords. Your phone and laptop likely has one built in, such as Apple’s Keychain or Google Password Manager.
  5. Use different passwords. For every device or account, you should choose a different password. This makes it harder for an unauthorized user to compromise all your accounts. You also should avoid reusing old passwords you’ve used before.

If you fear you’re the victim of a data breach or you need assistance with creating new passwords, reach out to Best Buy’s experts for help.