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5 Ways You Know It’s Time to Flip Your Fridge

In support of the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® “Flip Your Fridge” campaign, we’re here to point out some telltale signs it’s time to upgrade your refrigerator to a more energy efficient model.  You’ll save energy and help protect the environment. Cool for you and cool for the planet!

Here are five ways to know when it’s time to flip your fridge:

1. Your fridge hums.

If you can hear your fridge buzzing, humming or singing during any part of the day, consider a model that has energy-saving attributes that cool your food quietly and efficiently.

2. The freezer is frosty.

When you take out your frozen green beans, make sure they don’t have frost growing on them. If they do, it might be time to upgrade to a new model that doesn’t cool more than it’s supposed to.

3. There’s too much mopping.

If you’re constantly wiping water from the floor and your fridge isn’t worth a repair call, check out some models that will keep your floor dry.

4. The seal is worn or missing.

Without that thin piece of rubber that seals your fridge shut, your unit will start working even harder to keep your food chilled. That wastes energy and increases your utility bill.

5. It’s old enough to drive.

If your fridge is older than 16 years old, it’s likely wasting a lot of energy. Remember to look for the ENERGY STAR mark to know that you’re picking the most efficient models on the market.

Not only can energy-efficient refrigerators help save money because they use less energy, they can also help protect the environment. In fact, you can save as much as $260 over the next five years and reduce your carbon footprint by 8,200 pounds when replacing an old refrigerator with an ENERGY STAR version.

Learn more about the benefits of upgrading to an ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator here.


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