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An Earth Month Memo from Your Smart House

Pssst. It’s me, your smart house. Just wanted to give you an update of what’s going on at home. The bus is almost here, and I’m busy getting ready for the kids.

Your smart thermostat just kicked in, making the house the perfect temperature. I’ll make sure your kids don’t mess with it, too.

The sprinkler system is not running because it rained this morning. You know I don’t like to waste water.

I have a feeling that new gaming system is using too much energy, but I’ll let you know for sure because I’m monitoring it. We can probably just change the settings and get back to our typical low energy bill. Lowest on the block — and not just during Earth Month!

Dinner in the slow cooker smells delish. I’ll make sure it turns to warm when it’s done. Don’t want to burn that culinary goodness you’re making. And I certainly don’t want to waste energy. (Am I repeating myself here?)

Beep! Beep! I just sent you a text. The kids are home and, hey, they actually closed the garage door themselves this time.

I’ll put the (LED) lights on when it gets dark (and not a moment sooner).

Yikes, gotta go — someone’s messing with the remote again!


Your smart house

And P.S. if you want to know who left the TV on last night, check the security camera feed. I wasn’t the one up ‘til midnight watching the game…

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