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It’s Awards Season: Movie Fans’ Favorite Films, and How to Watch Them

Awards season is here, and millions of movie enthusiasts will be cheering on their favorite stars this weekend during the biggest night in cinema.

Even before we find out which Oscar®-nominated films go home with the hardware, movie fans are already indicating their favorite films that are up for awards.

More than 13 million movie lovers stream films at home on Roku players and Roku TVs. With the Roku Feed feature users can “follow” nominated movies, to receive alerts as soon as the films are available to stream.

So, what are the Top 15* movies that Roku users are most looking forward to streaming?

  1. Moana
  2. Sully
  3. Fences
  4. Trolls
  5. Suicide Squad
  6. Hacksaw Ridge
  7. Arrival
  8. Hidden Figures
  9. Sing
  10. Passengers
  11. La La Land
  12. Doctor Strange
  13. Deepwater Horizon
  14. Nocturnal Animals
  15. Moonlight

*based on Roku follow data from 1/1 – 2/6/17

Which movies can you watch now? And how?

If you’re looking to watch last year’s nominations like The Martian and The Revenant and you want to see them in near cinema-quality, think 4K.

There are two ways to make that 4K experience happen.

One way: 4K Blu-ray discs. You’ll need a 4K TV, a 4K Blu-ray disc player and a 4K disc (Best Buy has more than 120 movies available in 4K). A 4K UHD TV has four times the pixels as an HDTV, giving your TV a sharper, more lifelike picture of your favorite actors, actresses and scenes.

Another way: You can also stream movies in 4K. All you’ll need is a 4K TV and either the Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere+, Roku Premiere, Amazon’s Fire TV, or Google’s Chromecast Ultra. All five can stream 4K content, as well as the Xbox One S and Samsung’s 4K Blu-ray player.

And, of course, each of these streaming devices make watching Netflix and Hulu a breeze.

So dim the lights, turn up the sound and grab the popcorn. You’ve got some catching up to do.


You can find and pre-order Blu-ray and 4K versions of this year’s nominations on Best Buy.com, or stop in to a nearby store.