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Best Buy and the Women’s Employee Network Donates to Dress for Success

As part of the Women’s History Month celebrations hosted by Best Buy’s Women’s Employee Network*, Dress for Success stopped by on Monday to share their mission and brought a special guest to share her own personal story.

Odessa, a woman who has used the services at Dress for Success, shared a powerful story about how the nonprofit not only helped her get the professional attire needed to impress potential employers, but also gave her the confidence to get the job.

After participating in Dress for Success’s Suiting program, which gives women the clothes and the tools needed for their job interview, she took advantage of the nonprofit’s Employee Retention program. This program gives women tips on how to keep their jobs and develop personal and professional skills.

“I needed to learn how to survive in the workplace,” she said. “I needed to learn conflict resolution on a higher level.”

Best Buy and the Women’s Employee Network then presented Dress for Success a $1,000 check.

*The Women’s Employee Network is a Best Buy Employee Business Network that provides a platform for women to share ideas and experiences, enabling and inspiring them to reach their personal and professional goals.