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Best Buy Awards $2M in Grants to Local Teen-Focused Nonprofits

For a half-century, Best Buy has been a catalyst for the rise of technology as a means to improve virtually every aspect of our lives. As society becomes more reliant on technology, it is critical for youth to develop the necessary skills to be prepared for the jobs of the future. Over the next decade, nearly 80 percent of all jobs will require tech skills.

To support these efforts, the Best Buy Foundation recently awarded more than $2 million to 337 local nonprofits across the country through our Community Grants Program. The nonprofits we support provide underserved teens opportunities to develop tech skills that will help them be prepared for careers and post-secondary education.

Our field employees across the country are highly engaged in the grantmaking process, providing insights on the needs of their communities and making decisions on funding. Many of our employees volunteer with these same organizations, sharing their tech expertise with teens and deepening our impact with the programs we support.

Here are a few examples of our Community Grant recipient organizations and the programs we are supporting:

As experts in technology, our goal is to leverage our knowledge, resources and talented Best Buy and Geek Squad employees to empower underserved youth and help prepare them for the future. Congratulations to all Best Buy Community Grant program recipients!


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