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Best Buy employee publishes children’s book on math, manners

A simple trip to the grocery store in 2017 with her 8-year old nephew inspired Nadvia Davis to write a children’s book.

Although her current role at Best Buy’s corporate office involves numbers and invoices, she has always had a passion for words and writing. The former journalism major and freelance writer continues to find ways to incorporate writing into her life.

“The freedom that writing gives you to create sentences, you can say a lot in a short sentence or you can describe yourself and your situations with words,” Nadvia said. “I get really excited about the opportunity to write.”

And sometimes opportunities show up in unexpected places.

“We were at the checkout line, and he began counting on his fingers to see how much change he would get if he purchased his candy bar. A woman in line admired the fact that he was practicing math outside of the classroom,” Nadvia said. “That was when I had the idea that this is something to write about.”

An independent project

The process from ideation to the publication of Grant Practices Math with Manners took 15 months. The first-time author chose to self-publish her book because of the freedom it provided to work at her own pace, as well as financially and creatively. With the internet as her guide, Nadvia found many resources to help her along the way.

“There are so many independent self-publishing authors sharing their experiences online. I would watch their videos and follow their advice,” Nadvia said. “It was a saving grace in some areas. I don’t think I would have known how to self-publish without it.”

Nadvia received overwhelming support from friends and family.

“There were days and weekends when I had to opt out of some events because I was working on my book,” she said. “My family was very understanding. Once they saw it all packaged together in a hard cover copy, they were super proud.”

The journey isn’t over. Nadvia hopes to write a second book where Grant practices other things, continuing to draw upon her nephew for inspiration. And she’s proud to have created a book that represents children of color.

For now, though, she’s focused on marketing the book by continuing to share her story with book readings at schools.

“Principals and teachers are trusting that you are going to leave the kids with something that will help them become better people when they grow up,” Nadvia said. “I put two unorthodox things together [math and manners]. I want to send the message to these kids that they can do both.”


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