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Best Buy Express vending machines turn 10

If you’ve traveled through a major airport, chances are you’ve spotted a Best Buy Express.

These kiosks sell electronics much like how traditional vending machines dispense chips and candy bars. Just select the item you want, then swipe your credit card.

It’s all about being there for our customers when and where they need us. We have approximately 200 Best Buy Express locations nationwide, about 80 percent of which are inside airports.

“The biggest complaints people have about shopping at an airport are related to getting gouged on price and not knowing who they’re buying from,” said Betsy Maus, Best Buy’s associate director of automated retail. “At Best Buy Express, you’re buying from a trusted national brand at regular retail prices.”

Best Buy Express started in airports

Best Buy Express first launched 10 years this month with 12 locations in major airports, including those in Atlanta, Dallas, Minneapolis and San Francisco. At the time, iPods were the top-selling items, but you could also find a selection of point-and-shoot cameras and portable gaming devices.

The machines have room for about 50 products. They’re stocked with headphones, chargers and other frequently forgotten travel necessities. You can even buy a GoPro or razor, and items can be returned to any Best Buy store.

Today, we have Best Buy Express kiosks in more than 50 U.S. airports, from Los Angeles to New York. Most airports have anywhere between two and 12 machines, all of which are open 24 hours a day.

In addition to airports, we also have kiosks inside hotels, resorts, casinos and transit hubs. We even have one at the Hollywood & Highland shopping center along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Best Buy Canada has nearly 40 Best Buy Express locations of its own, including two at ferry terminals.)

Starting this fall, the kiosks will get an updated look that adopts Best Buy’s refreshed branding. We’re also dropping “Express” from the name. The automated machines will simply be called “Best Buy” to underscore that customers are buying directly from the industry leader and can expect the same great prices they find at our stores every day.


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